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27 March 2013

Chapter 57: Innuendo

After Kensington's birthday party, I headed to Plasma 501 to meet Gavin. I couldn't wait to see his adorable face again, as well as the rest of him. I took a taxi there because I was planning to get hammered and bring Gavin home with me. When the taxi pulled up to the bar, I paid the driver and quickly got out. I opened the door and was greeted by this.

"Hey gorgeous. I've been waiting for you. Can I buy you a drink?"

Gavin came back with a yellow drink of some sort. I didn't really care what it was, as long as it was tasty. I bet Gavin is tasty. I took a long drink out of my cup because I was thirsty and I wanted to show off a little for Gavin.

"Hmm.. you can chug really well."

Good. He noticed. That means it was working.

I paused momentarily and said, "Thanks. I can swallow things really easily."

Then I went back to chugging. I peeked over the top of my glass and saw the surprised expression on Gavin's face. He was just staring at me. Awesome. I must have rendered him speechless.

Gavin continued staring at me until my glass was almost empty. He drank the rest of his pina colada and grabbed my arm roughly, but not in a mean way. It was more like he was turned on and couldn't wait any more. I put my arm around him and hugged him, deepening the kiss. He kissed me back and I felt his hand touch me on the nape of my neck, tickling me.

I grabbed his butt and walked backwards towards the direction of the restroom, where I showed him how skilled I was at swallowing other types of things. After that little bit of fun, we were giggling like teenagers. We came out of the restroom and played a little foosball. I won once and so did Gavin.

"We need more drinks."

I nodded at Gavin, and watched his butt as he walked to the bar. This time he came back with something green. It was just as yummy as the pina coladas we'd had earlier, but not as yummy as Gavin, who I'd also had earlier. We didn't do much talking, choosing instead to smile at each other and drink. From his eyes though, I could tell he was having a good time.

Just as before, when we finished our drinks, we immediately started groping each other again. This time it was way more inappropriate though, which was great. Gavin's hand was up my skirt, and my hands were on his butt too. After some intense making out, we changed up the pace and decided to play some more games. This time it was darts. As much as I enjoyed doing dirty things with Gavin, he was fun to hang out with, so I wanted to make the most of the short time I was going to be spending with him.

We had more drinks before we played darts. I don't know if that was the best idea in the world, but they shouldn't put darts in a bar if they didn't mean for drunk people to play with them.

Gavin lost the game of darts. He got two in the board and one in the floorboard, while I got all three in the board. He didn't seem too upset with me even though he lost because I turned around just in time to see him giving me a flirtatious look. I walked up to where he was standing when he was watching me and hugged him.

"I hope you can aim better than that with other things."

I stuck my tongue in Gavin's mouth again and he groped me all over my backside. I was having the best night ever.

"I think I can manage. You are feisty and I like that. A girl who is fun is really hard to find."

Gavin put his glass up to his mouth and I stared at his lips. Mm-mm, those sexy lips. I wanted more of them.

This martini was making me feel all tingly and happy inside.

"Cheers, sexy Gavin. To a night of drunken partying."

"Cheers. To fun, and your gorgeous body."

I laughed when Gavin climbed up on the counter and started sticking his butt out in my direction, swinging his hips back and forth to nothing in particular. There was no music that night.

"Come on, dance!"

Gavin laughed and jumped off the counter. I took a turn and shook what my mama gave me. Gavin got more martinis and stared at me dancing.

I jumped off the counter and Gavin caught me.

"Mm, thanks James Bond."

"Martini, shaken, not... not stirred."

"Yup that's right. Gavin, come home with me, pleeeeeaaase."

My speech was starting to slur and I was giggling uncontrollably. Luckily so was he. We made out the whole taxi ride home.

After getting back to my house, we hurried to my bedroom and Gavin threw me on the bed. Then he climbed on me and started kissing my chest. I put my foot in between his legs and rubbed him. I don't know what took me so long, but I finally ran my fingers through his gorgeous hair and gently massaged his head.

We took each other's shirts off at the same time and rolled around on my bed. I could tell he was getting really turned on as he lay on top of me, so I stripped him down to his underwear. Gavin grabbed my foot and took my shoe off, kissing my ankle, knee and upper thigh. He repeated the process with my other leg. I mounted him and started dry humping him. I felt him get more and more turned on. Gavin put his fingers under my skirt and pulled my underwear down, touching me. I moaned a little and kissed him again.

While I was kissing him, he put his hands on my hips and picked me up off him. I squealed a little because the move was sudden. Gavin knelt over me, smiling as he took off the rest of my clothes. I smiled back and slid his underwear off of him. He laid down on top of me and we continued kissing. I wrapped my legs around him and rubbed his butt with one of my feet. Not long after that, he entered me and began thrusting.

Guest Starring: Gavin Coleman by timlish/simswhen

CREDIT: Poses by AfterDusk Sims

22 March 2013

Chapter 56: Registered

I had been thinking I should get a job because I wanted something else to do. I liked fishing and the last time I sold my catch to the grocery store, the employee who collected it from me said I could make more money if I registered as an angler. I didn't know why registering would make any difference, but I thought it couldn't hurt to do it if it meant more money. I went to City Hall to get more information about registering a profession. When I went into the self employment office, there was an adorable guy sitting behind the desk.

"Hi. I'm interested in registering to be a self employed angler." That's not the only thing I'm interested in, you sexy man.

"Hello. An angler?"

The cute guy looked in some drawers for paperwork, I'm guessing, and then looked up and smiled at me. He has such a nice smile... and that haircut.. mm-mm.

"Here's the paperwork for it. We don't have many beautiful women who sign up to be anglers."

Wow.. did he just hit on me? That is awesome. I want him. Stop staring, Sicily! He's handing you papers!

"Thank you. Can I fill it out here?"

Cutie smiled at me again and nodded.

"My name is Gavin, if you have any questions about the paperwork, I'll be right here to answer them."

As I sat down and tried to fill out my paperwork, I found myself getting really distracted by Gavin and thinking about what he looked like shirtless. He was reorganizing some stuff on his desk.

I sighed and tried to concentrate. The paperwork wasn't really that hard, I was just distracted. I'm not sure why Gavin would think I needed help with it... maybe he was hitting on me.

Name: Sicily Zenteri
Profession: Angler
Experience: Level 8
I do hereby register myself as a self-employed Sim of Ravenview and understand that I must adhere to the rules of self-employed earnings, in which I must save 15% of my income for tax season, since I will not have a portion of these earnings taken out automatically by a third-party employer.

Just as I was about to sign my name, I noticed Gavin had come over and was standing in front of me.

"How's it going?"

I stood up, putting the papers on the chair next to me. I stood close to Gavin and smiled seductively at his gorgeous face.

"I'm doing just fine, but this legal jargon is crazy," I lied. I knew exactly what the paper was telling me.

"It says that you have to remember to set aside money for taxes. So... how did a gorgeous woman like yourself become interested in fishing?"

Holy crap, he was hitting on me earlier, and he's doing it again... score.

"Well.. I have always liked hanging out with the boys," I said, tracing my finger down the front of his chest, "and I thought learning how to fish would allow me to meet more of them."

Gavin smiled at me. I hadn't noticed earlier, but he was wearing braces. I think it made him even cuter. I stared into his eyes, which were a pretty shade of blue-ish gray.


Damn it. This is not a good time. I looked at my phone, ready to silence it, but stopped when I saw the caller ID. - HOME -.

I was coming home from school, when I saw a tall guy in a suit playing the cello in our front yard. I had never seen him before, so I thought I should see what he wanted. 

"Hi, Mister. Who are you?"

"Hello. I'm your father."

"Wow, really? It's nice to meet you! Mommy told me you were coming to my birthday party but I didn't know what you looked like! Thank you for coming!"

"You're welcome, Kensington."

"Well, Daddy, you shouldn't stand in the yard, come inside! Mommy's at the City Hall getting a fishing job so she will be back later."

Daddy and I watched The History Channel. It's really interesting to learn about Sims who were living in the olden days.

"Hi Mommy!"

"Hello Kensington, what's up?"

"Daddy's here. Are you almost done with the City Hall?"

Damn it, was it already that late? I looked at the clock on my cell phone. 5:30pm. What the berry was I going to do with sexy Gavin?

"Ok, I'll be back. I just have to sign the paper."

"See you later Mommy! Love you."

"Love you Kensington."

Gavin stood there patiently through my whole phone call. I hung up the phone, stalling, trying to think of something to say to him that would guarantee I saw him again when he grabbed my hand.

"Meet me at Plasma 501 at 9pm. We can hang out more."

A cold breeze swept through the room. Even though I had a blanket on me, the chill dug down into the core of the mattress. I shivered and got out of bed.

"Vincent? What are you doing here?"

"Hello, Tennan. I am checking on your progress with Sicily. Has she been giving you trouble?"

"No, she's calmed down ever since the day she saved my life."

"How many children has she had?"

"Lucius is the nineteenth. Have you been able to find out the task yet?"

"I have had no luck with that, although I am certain now that it has something to do with quantity of children. All the others have had random numbers of children."

"What is the highest number anyone has had?"

"Sicily's mother Albany, holds the record with thirty-three."

"Wait, thirty-three? That's wrong. Sicily told me she was her mother's thirty-second child and that she was raised alone with no other siblings after her older brother moved out."

"The documentation we have at home shows thirty-three. Perhaps Sicily did not know about the other sibling. Looks like you have some more exploring to do, Tennan."

Guest Starring: Angel Costa by annasommer, Gavin Coleman by timlish/simswhen

Credit: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3

18 March 2013

Chapter 55: Marine

I went to Plasma 501 again because I was in dire need of a mixed drink. Kensington had been a handful so I was at home with him constantly. He was a good child, but he was so active. I had to make sure he didn't hurt himself. Sadly when I arrived at the bar, there was no bartender on duty, so the bar itself was closed. I was slightly disappointed until I saw a cute guy standing by the band watching the music. He was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt and he had really big arms. I wanted to squeeze him.

His name was Hunter and he was a marine. He had a buzz cut and cute stubble on his face. As I got closer to him, he kept his eyes locked onto mine. I couldn't resist the magnetic attraction I felt coming from his stare. I longed to take his shirt off and touch him all over. Pretty soon we were standing really close to each other. I put my arms around his warm hard body and suggestively rubbed against him. He smiled at me and when I saw his perfect white teeth I wanted to kiss him and take him right there on the stage. I was about to suggest we go into the bathroom and do naughty things to each other when I heard someone yelling.

"Bar's closing! Come back tomorrow! Everyone out!"

Damn it. I didn't want to lose my latest catch, so I kept my grip on Hunter, moving my hand down to graze his butt and then grabbing his hand as we walked out of the bar.

"Do you want to come home with me, sexy marine?"

Hunter smiled at me again and I couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled his face close to mine and kissed him. He opened his mouth and I was able to slip my tongue in between his lips. Hunter kissed me back and answered my question.

"Yes, I want to finish what we're starting here."

Hunter put my Simcati in the back of his camouflage painted Simerado pick up truck. I admired his muscles as he rolled the motorcycle up the ramp and secured it to the truck bed. He noticed the way I was staring at him and kissed me once again before getting in the truck. My skin was feeling really sensitive as I got in the truck and felt the cold leather against my legs. I shut the door and buckled my seat belt. Hunter started the truck and put it in reverse. He raised his arm up and put it behind my seat as he turned around to check for cars. My eyes traveled from his elbow, to his shoulder, to his underarm, and then to the side of his chest, which was sticking out of his shirt. As he drove, I placed my hand on his upper thigh close to his zipper, and let my fingers graze him softly. I saw him smile while he continued to look ahead. At one of the traffic lights, he turned his attention to me, kissing me on the cheek quickly and then putting his hand under my skirt. I was feeling so hot I couldn't wait to get home and rip off his clothes.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hunter pulled into my driveway and parked the car. I jumped out of the truck and so did he. He was a gentleman and he took my motorcycle off his truck and put it in the driveway without me asking. I was standing by the side of the house waiting for him. He smiled at me again and took my hands in his, raising them above my head and pressing me against the house. He moved his other hand under my skirt again and touched me. I groaned loudly and stuck my chest out towards him. He kissed my chest for a little while before letting go of my hands. I led him into the house and we sat on the couch. I rubbed his thigh as we hungrily played with each others' tongues.

I touched his knee and then pushed his shorts up until I felt the bottom of his underwear. I wished Hunter didn't have my arm trapped in front of him because I knew what I would do if my hand was free to roam. Still, I did what I could and moved my hand, touching him directly on the front of his shorts, rubbing him hard. I unzipped his pants at the same time he undid the clasp on the front of my shirt. We stripped down to our underwear and I climbed on top of him, pushing him down onto the couch.

I kissed his neck and he moaned in my ear. He held me close to him and I rubbed myself against him for a while. Hunter sat up and put my legs around him, thrusting his hips. He touched my chest and then moved his hands down my body, settling on my underwear. He pulled it open and touched me. I leaned back and Hunter climbed on top of me. He sucked on my lips and then put his tongue in my mouth again. He sat up and smiled, kneeling over me. Then he took his boxer shorts off and let me see his body in its entirety. I reached up and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards me.

"I want you."

I whispered in Hunter's ear and he slipped my underwear off and onto the floor. Then I felt him inside me. I leaned back again and moved my hips with his. When we were done, we made our way to my bedroom. Not surprisingly, we were still in the mood so we did it again on my bed. Feeling completely satisfied, we fell asleep in each others arms.

Albany has been sitting in the same chair for a few hours, getting up only to take care of Sicily. She has taken several showers since her encounter with the bartender, but she can't seem to shake the dirty feeling off of her. It feels like she's been tainted from the inside and no amount of soap can cleanse her. 

She feels really depressed since she lost Valos and doesn't want to expend any more energy trying to have any more children. She knows it's been a family pattern, but she doesn't care. She's done. As far as she's concerned, her life ended when Valos' did. All of a sudden, she feels nauseated. 

She runs to the bathroom, fearing the worst. She doesn't know what she would do if she was pregnant with the bartender's baby. Albany searches the medicine cabinet for a pregnancy test. She uses it and waits, staring nervously into the mirror, not wanting to look down and see the results.

Finally, she decides she has to face the inevitable, and screams when she sees the results. She violently throws the stick across the room and it hits the wall, falling to the floor.

"WHY does this crap keep happening to me?!?"

Albany yells and tears roll down her face. She crumples down next to the shower, buries her head in her knees and continues crying. The test was positive.

CREDIT: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3

16 March 2013

Chapter 54: Complications

I had bought two cookbooks from the Ravenview Books & Noble after coming home. I was so proud of Iveron and I think I had cooking on the mind after we came back from Silicon Shores. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing on my mind. I was still thinking about Gustave and how much I missed him. I also thought about my uncompleted task that I had yet to find the answers to. I knew it had something to do with seducing men and having babies. Knowing this, I wanted to see Gustave badly, as thoughts of going to France again crossed my mind multiple times. I was afraid I had fallen in love with Gustave, but one good thing was he hadn't fathered any of my children so he was technically still safe. I was reading one of the cookbooks to try to distract myself from unhappy thoughts when an old lady came up to me and asked me for my autograph.

Since she was so nice and hadn't heckled me, I gave her my autograph. I wish I had gained my celebrity status by actually doing something myself, but it is what it is at the moment. I didn't really think it would make sense for me to get a job since I'd be on maternity leave pretty much all the time. I tried to sit down again, but by this point, news of my appearance at the bookstore had traveled, and plenty of people were surrounding me. Another lady took my seat on the bench, and I sighed as I walked away.

"OW! OW! OW!"

I didn't get very far when I felt my stomach feel like it was being ripped open from the inside.

"Holy shit! Sicily Zenteri is having a baby! Holy shit! AAAH!"

Ugh. This was a terrible start to my day. Luckily for me, everyone around me was too busy freaking out to snap embarrassing pictures of me on their cell phones. The pain came in spurts so I found an opening to get myself to the street so I could go to the hospital.

The nurse rushed me into the delivery room. My stomach was still hurting intensely, more so than with any of my other pregnancies. When we got to the room, I laid down and tried to push, but it hurt a lot, even with the drugs they had given me.

"Sicily, wait, the baby's head is facing the wrong way. This is a breech birth. We're going to need to do a Caesarean section to get the baby out, okay?"

"OW! Ok, OW! Do whatever you need to. OW!"

The nurse quickly wheeled me into the operating room. Someone put a mask over my face.

"Sicily, count down from 10."


"OK, she's out."


I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital room. Tennan was sitting next to me, holding my hand. I squeezed it to let him know I was awake.

"Hi, Tennan."

"Sicily, hey how are you feeling?"

"A little sore, but ok."

A nurse walked in smiling. She was holding a little baby with blue skin and a smile on his face.

"Hello, Sicily. Here's your baby boy. You should pick out a name for him."

"How about Kensington?"

"That sounds lovely. We'll keep you here for one more day, and then you should be able to go home ok?"

"Thank you."

The nurse left the room leaving me alone with Kensington and Tennan. There was a small crib in the corner for Kensington. Tennan smiled at me. I gave Kensington to Tennan and he put him in the crib.

"I brought a bag for you with some clothes."

"Tennan, thank you. Have you been here the whole time?"

"Yes, when the hospital called and said you were in surgery, I came as quickly as I could. I slept on that couch over there."

Tennan stayed with me the next night as well and when we were finally ready to go home, Kensington was all smiles.

15 March 2013

Chapter 53: Simlywood

We arrived in Silicon Shores at sunset. It was beautiful and more interesting than Ravenview. The first thing I saw driving into town was the Simlywood sign on the right and a beautiful beach on the left. Tennan, Johann, Genevieve, and I had taken a road trip to Silicon Shores to watch Iveron compete in the finale of Sim Kitchen. The show had called and said we were invited to the finale. They had booked a hotel for us and we were to arrive on set at 5pm the next day.

When we got to the set, a person working for the show told us to wait in the back room because Iveron didn't actually know we were there. She brought us some drinks and snacks while we waited for about an hour.

"Welcome to the finale of Sim Kitchen, Season Five. We have our contestants, Iveron Zenteri and Beatrice Domina. First of all, we have a surprise for them."

The lady waved for us to go through the door and say hi to Iveron. We all gave him a hug, and while Tennan, Genevieve, and Johann took their seats, I gave him the biggest hug of all.

"I'm so glad you're here, Mom."

We all took our seats and were ready for the show to begin. Johann decided to sit on a more comfortable looking chair off to the side because he didn't want to be on camera.

"All right, contestants. You have an hour and a half to make the most delicious three course meal. One appetizer, one main dish, and one dessert. We will taste your dishes and then pick a winner. Let me remind all of you watching at home, the reward for winning is to become the five star chef at the Silicon Shores Planet restaurant, one of the most prestigious restaurants in this town. This chef job comes with a salary of 250,000 Simoleons. Good luck, contestants."

Iveron made a pumpkin salad, rainbow trout sushi rolls, and key lime pie. It was very fun watching Iveron use his knife so effortlessly. The way it flew through the vegetables made him look like a true professional.

He was very good at making the sushi too, he rolled them perfectly, without a single stray grain of rice anywhere on the plate.

Baking must have been really hard under a time constraint, but Iveron didn't panic at all. He measured the ingredients coolly and calmly. He kept his eye on the clock and pulled the pie out just in time.

When he was done, he had about five minutes to spare. His dishes were so colorful and I had no problems believing that those dishes could be served in a restaurant. It was judging time. Iveron had to go in the back room with his dishes, one at a time, while we watched him on the television that was in the front room. Two judges liked his pumpkin salad, while one judge liked the taste, but didn't think the dish was fancy enough to be in a restaurant. All three judges liked his sushi rolls and his key lime pie. His competitor Beatrice seemed to do really well and we were a little worried for Iveron even though we believed in his abilities. The judges emerged from the back room with both contestants and prepared to pick a winner. Naturally they went to a commercial break before making their announcement.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The winner of Sim Kitchen Season Five and the new chef of the Silicon Shores Planet Restaurant is... Iveron Zenteri. Congratulations, Iveron!"


Iveron jumped up and down the same way he did when I told him he could apply for the show. I was so happy for him. All the judges hugged him and opened up some champagne to celebrate. Sadly for me, I couldn't participate in the alcohol drinking since I was pregnant. One of the judges tapped me on the shoulder.

"Congratulations, your son is going to be a great addition to the restaurant."

"Thank you so much!"

The judge then gave me a glass of sparkling grape juice, which is also what Johann got. We celebrated for an hour after the show had stopped filming. I was so proud of Iveron and I loved seeing him so happy. I'm sure we all slept well that night.

The structure of Sim Kitchen is a mix of many television cooking shows that I enjoy watching.