Hello. If you're reading this, it means I have finally decided how I want this story to be fixed. I think I'll leave all the original pages up in a separate tab labelled Zenteri Archives, whereas this new one is called Zenteri Reboot, simply because I'm REBOOTING the story. I'm going to start with a completely different Sim and a completely different story line. It will still be a 100 baby challenge, however. I don't think I'm going to be using Zenteri as the Sim's last name anymore, since that name had it's own crazy cursed story line, but I decided to keep this story at the same web address just because it's already established.

Sierra Wellington

Personality Traits:: Flirty, Rebellious, Snob, Kleptomaniac, Evil
I purposely didn't use the traditional baby challenge traits just because I picked traits that would enhance the story line I want to write.

  • Food:: Shawarma
  • Music:: Rockabilly
  • Color:: Lilac
Note Regarding Commenting
Hey! Welcome to the blog. I appreciate comments on any of the chapters, even if I wrote it a long ass time ago, I will always reply, as long as you're nice. =D 

Baby - 2 days
Toddler - 30 days (so I have time to teach them skills)
Child - 10 days (or until they get straight A's)
Teen - 10 days (or until they get straight A's)
YA - move out

These are some things I will be doing in the baby challenge.
  • Different fathers:: If I use a father, I will not use him again, but he can give my Sim more than one kid if there are twins or triplets, hopefully nothing more than triplets.
  • Fertility Treatment Lifetime Reward:: I'm using this reward this time around because last time I tried to have one kid per father and coming up with enough story lines to keep things interesting was getting harder as time went on. This time, I won't have to drag story lines out and have it become difficult for me to write.
  • Story Telling:: If you know me, I like heavy, strong plot lines, and I always consider the story more important than the rules. So, if you see a rule that isn't being followed, this is why. I did it on purpose, and I know about it.
  • Poses:: I will be using a mix of poses and regular Sim actions as I find that makes my pictures more interesting and gets across the details better than just strictly using the Sim actions in the game.
  • Money:: For the start of the story, I want my Sim to live in a glorious mansion, just for story purposes, so I'll either build one or remodel an existing one in town, but then I will make her money go back down to 1,000 Simoleons, and from then on she will be self employed to make money.
  • Names:: As a way to make this easier, I am splitting kids' names into groups of ten. Each group will have it's own theme.
  • Neighborhoods:: Every neighborhood I own will be up for use in the challenge. This includes worlds I've found online that I like, ones in the game and EPs, and store worlds. Moving Sims out constantly is hard on the game, so to prevent the Error 12 from coming up, I will just use the story line to occasionally force a move for my Sim.

I am still undecided about this, whether I want to put my Sims up for download. I had a bad experience with one of my Sims who got downloaded, someone specifically broke my Terms of Use. They didn't tell me they were downloading this Sim, but I had a strong feeling from this Sim's strong hair and eye color that it was mine. I have no proof so I never said anything, but now I'm just weary of putting Sims for download. Perhaps I will just put up Sims I don't particularly get attached to up for download, I don't know yet. Any father donated to me will be listed on the download page, and credit given to the creator, along with the link the creator gave me to the father's location.


  1. Yay, this blog's being revived! :) (Did that sound too odd? Haha, sorry, I'm just excited because this was probably one of my favorite 100 BC's.)

    Sierra is a pretty Sim with some interesting traits that look like hey could help create an intriguing storyline; I'm excited to begin reading and see what'll happen.

    1. LOL no, it didn't sound odd at all. :) It's sort of along the same lines as 'reboot,' just the fact that it's being given new life. XD Awww, that's sweet of you to say, LOL, I'm glad I was one of your favorites.

      Yes! That's exactly why I chose the traits I did for her. I'm planning the story around Sierra instead of just making a Sim and trying to write a story with the usual traits.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. :)