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08 January 2014

Chapter 71: Sneaking Out

Mild Nudity, FYI ~ Late Knight Simmer

I walked home from my encounter with Kasey and Lord Cristoff deep in thought. I wanted to see Lord Cristoff again, and I was fairly sure I could considering he and his men had set up camp on the land. As I walked up to my house, I was determined to tell my father about how Kasey had treated me. I opened the door and saw my father sitting on the floor, doing, I don't know what he was doing, to be honest, other than just sitting there.

"Father, can I talk to you?"

"Yes, of course, Sicily."

"I saw some men today, some non-tribal men. They want to start a civilization. I also saw Kasey, and he got really mad when he saw them. I don't know what to think about that. Also, you should know, Kasey slapped me."

"What did you do to make him slap you?"

My eyes turned angry when my father seemed to think I had deserved to be slapped. What the fuck was this? I contained my anger and tried to answer him neutrally.

"I simply told him what I overheard, that the non-tribal men wanted to start a civilization. Kasey got all war-crazy and said he would fight them. I told him maybe we could share the land and he hit me."

"Kasey is right, the non-tribal men will try to take our land from us as they expand."

"Aren't you concerned that he hit me, Father?"

"Well, yes, but you seem all right. He is engaged to you, though, so it would be wise of you to listen to his words."

I couldn't believe this. I had no say in the matter? I could be hit as long as I "seemed fine" afterwards? What the fuck? I'm glad I don't truly live in this time era because this kind of shit is ridiculous. I got up angrily and stormed off to my room. I wanted to run off somewhere because no one here was helping me figure out anything, instead they were just making me angry. I just happened to look out my window and saw Lord Cristoff walking past my house. Perfect. He was just the person I wanted to talk to.

I tapped on the window to get Lord Cristoff's attention. He looked up briefly and smiled, then stopped walking, much to my happiness. I quickly opened my window and jumped out of it, landing in front of Lord Cristoff. He smiled at me again and took my hand. I loved how my hand fit in his.

"Would you go on a walk with me, Lord Cristoff? I just had a bad conversation with my father, and I'm angry."

"Certainly, milady. Would you like to go to the lake?"


When we got to the lake, we sat down on the grass, and Lord Cristoff put his arms around me. We sat there for a while, just enjoying each others company. We looked up at the stars and how beautiful everything looked. I was not used to how much nature was around me, even though Ravenview was a farm town, seeing America before it had been settled was amazing. I felt very safe in Lord Cristoff's arms even though I'd only known him for almost a day. He had gained my trust today when he stood up for me this afternoon.

I looked at his face, which was so calm and serene. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight. He noticed me looking at him and touched my shoulder softly.

"Are you still angry, milady?"

"No, I feel better now that you are here."

"I am pleased to hear that, milady."

I turned and kissed Lord Cristoff on the cheek. He looked at me with kindness in his eyes and moved his face closer to mine. I felt a magnetic attraction to him, a definite chemistry that I couldn't resist. Our lips met, and I enjoyed his hot breath on my face. It was a nice contrast to the chilly night air. I kissed him a little more deeply, and he put his arms around me, pulling me onto him. I made my way from his lips to his cheek, then his ear, and eventually his neck.

I came up for air and looked at him, he had his eyes closed, and an adorable smile on his face. I loved the way his strong arms felt around me. It had been a while since I was in a guy's arms and I missed it. Lord Cristoff rolled me over and kissed my neck and jawline. His kisses felt so good, and they tickled a little bit. Quickly, in the heat of the moment, we stripped off our clothing and continued making out. Lord Cristoff had his hand behind my head and was massaging the back of it, which felt so relaxing.

I rubbed my hands all over his bare skin, and the muscles on his back and arms were heavenly. I guess being a knight does well for a man's physique. The water was rippling softly as the sun rose over the horizon, casting a bit of warmth over us. I was completely ready for Lord Cristoff, so I put my legs around his waist, and rubbed against him. He opened his eyes and looked at me, while filling me completely. I massaged his shoulders as he pulled himself in and out of me, bringing us both to ecstasy.