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19 April 2013

Zenteri-Coleman Family Photos

I loved simswhen's Gavin Coleman so much I decided to do family pictures of him, Sicily, and Helena. Gavin is so adorable!

In between these photo shoots, I was doing a little game play, and the mile high chapter happened, so Sicily got pregnant and changed outfits. For whatever dumbass reason, ever since I got those invisible clothes for all the sex I write, she always uses those as her maternity clothes. The everyday and workout outfits were topless. I had to have her wear her formal to get her to cover up. Of course when she's knocked up I can't change her clothes because 'only maternity clothes fit right now.' I could have sworn I picked out a secondary maternity outfit for her so I could change her out of the ridiculous ones the game gives, but the game doesn't have an 'everyday 2' selection, as I remember before, which is how I got her to wear this... in earlier chapters.

Helena was also at school so I had to wait longer. I made fun of Sicily and her ridiculousness of always being knocked up. LMAO.

18 April 2013

Chapter 62: Mile High

Gustave and I did eventually make it to the Louvre, but the day was bittersweet. I had to go home again and I was going to miss his adorable face. We walked around the museum holding hands. I felt so lucky that he now knew everything I knew about my complicated life and he was still willing to be my friend. When the time came for me to leave, he drove Lucius and I to the airport and stayed with me until I had to go to my gate to wait for the plane. He promised to keep in touch with me like we had been doing, so I guess I had a really sexy pen pal.

Lucius and I got into the airport gate and found that it was quite deserted. It seemed that there weren't a lot of people who fly to Ravenview from France. We had one connection which was a stop in Silicon Shores. Ravenview wasn't a big enough town to have an international airport, so all flights had to stop in bigger cities like Silicon Shores or Braveport. I thought about Austin because Silicon Shores was his hometown. Lucius and I grabbed a bite to eat at one of the shops in the airport since we still had an hour and a half before our plane was going to be ready to board. The airport shops would probably have better food than the plane would anyway.

"So Lucius, did you enjoy your time in France?"

"Yeah, it was great. Did you go to the Louvre? I thought it was so cool."

"I did."

I was quite happy, despite my bittersweet feelings earlier. I knew I had done all that I could do, and I also knew that telling Gustave about Austin had been the right thing to do. There was no sense letting Gustave think that we could be more than just friends since I was doing all of this to hopefully bring Austin back to this world. After we went back to the gate, there were a few more people sitting there waiting. One of them caught my eye. His back was turned to me, but I was nevertheless drawn to him. He had pink and black hair, styled uniquely with some hair gel. I really wanted to see what the rest of him looked like. I didn't want to make him or I miss the flight though, so I just sat in my chair uncomfortably wishing I wasn't so horny. Perhaps I could find him again on the plane.

It seemed like an eternity until the intercom spoke the words I'd been waiting to hear.

"Flight 441 to Silicon Shores now boarding."

Lucius and I got up with our luggage and took our place in line.

We boarded the plane, put our luggage in the overhead compartment, and sat in our seats. I was still feeling antsy and unsatisfied, annoyed that I had such an overactive libido. Just seeing an attractive man would make my body go all crazy. People were still boarding the plane and I didn't know where the pink haired man's seat was. Since it was an international flight, the plane was very big, so he could be anywhere. I had finally resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to wait a little longer to find the pink haired man when I noticed someone standing in front of the row of seats. I couldn't see his face because it was hidden behind the overhead compartment, but I could swear that shirt was the one that man I had seen at the gate was wearing.

He smiled at me when he saw me looking at him. He put his hand out to mine to shake it.

"Hi, name's Alex. What's yours, pretty lady?"

Wow am I lucky, or what? It was days like this when I forgot I was cursed. Alex plopped down in the seat next to me and leaned his seat back.

"I don't think you're supposed to do that until after we take off."

"Meh, whatever. I'll put it back up when the flight attendants make their rounds. Plus, this is the very back of the plane, so no one's behind us to complain."

Alex certainly seemed very easygoing. I smiled to myself as I realized he would be very fun to play with because he didn't seem like the kind of guy who would whine about a relationship afterwards. My kind of guy. The last thing I needed was to run into someone who wanted more than just sex.

"My name's Sicily."

"Sicily. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman."

I think I blushed a thousand shades of red. I finally got a look at Alex up close, and he had the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen in my life. The blonde streak of hair that hung in front of his handsome face complemented his look perfectly.

"Sir? We are going to be taking off soon, would you mind putting your seat back in its upright position?"

Alex smiled at the flight attendant while moving his seat back to where it should have been. Then he winked at me.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to Flight 441 heading to Silicon Shores. The weather there is currently 71 degrees and sunny. Please fasten your seat belts and listen to the safety video while we taxi on the runway."

I spent the next few hours happily chatting with Alex. Dinner came and went, and Lucius was fast asleep in his seat. The cheesy on board movie was a romantic comedy. I rolled my eyes at one of the lines, and Alex piped in with something to help me make fun of the movie. Suddenly, the two lead characters were engaged in a passionate make out session. This was not helping my libido issues in the slightest. I felt like I was going to explode from the pent up desire in me. I suddenly grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him towards me.

"Do you want to have some fun?"

Alex looked surprised, but then he whispered, "Fuck, are you serious?"

I nodded at him and he smiled again. I got up and headed towards the restroom. After I passed through the archway to the other part of the plane, I waited for Alex. A few seconds later, I saw him emerge through the archway as well. Most of the other passengers were sleeping. We slipped into the restroom together unnoticed.

Alex followed me into the bathroom and locked the door behind us. Then he pressed me against the wall and his lips were suddenly against mine. He kissed me so hard I literally felt like I lost the ability to stand. His mouth was open, so I stuck my tongue in his mouth and he followed suit with his own tongue.

"Mm, Alex, I'm glad you sat next to me."

"I'm glad you're not all uptight. It's nice to meet a girl who likes to have fun, you know?"

"Yes. I always get flak for liking sex."

"Aww, baby there ain't nothing wrong with liking sex. We are going to have so much fun."

I grabbed part of his shirt in my hand, annoyed that he was still wearing clothes. I took his shirt off and was disappointed that he was wearing two of them, but Alex solved the problem by shedding his shirt for me.

"Oh, god, Alex."

He was one of the best kissers I'd ever met. Usually I was the one who made the guys weak in the knees, but I really liked that Alex was having this effect on me. I undid his pants and he stripped me of my clothing at lightning speed. I could tell he was an expert at this.

"Mm... baby, you are gorgeous."

I giggled at Alex's compliment, touching him. I came up for air, just long enough to ask him a question.

"How do you want to do this? This bathroom is tiny."

"Mm.. don't worry, baby. I have an idea."

Alex smiled at me and kissed me again. He hoisted me up and put my legs around him, entering me while supporting my butt with his hands. Mmm... did he feel good. He continued kissing me and wrestling with my tongue. His hot breath on my face was turning me on so much. He stopped momentarily to turn me around and put my hands on the sink. He stood behind me and put his face close to mine. He kissed my cheek and my neck, touching both of my nipples with his index finger and thumbs. He entered me again and I tried my hardest to be as quiet as I could because the combination of his hands on me plus him inside me felt so good.

Guest Starring: Alexander Hunt by mrsoogieboogie

Credit: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3, AfterDusk Sims

16 April 2013

Chapter 61: Bonding

Gustave and I drove back to the hotel and were really hungry. We took a walk in the cool night air, around the hotel, until we found a fire pit in the back yard. We sat around it and found some food to roast. The fire was nice and warm on my skin because I was starting to feel a little chilly.

"You know that is rabbit meat, right?"


I pulled the stick away from my face and looked at it in horror. I was eating a cute, furry little rabbit? It couldn't be! Once I managed to glance over at Gustave, he was smiling naughtily at me, and then it looked like he was trying to stifle a laugh.

"Sicilee, I am only kidding. It is boneless chicken wings. Your face when I said that, it was funny."

I smacked Gustave lightly on the arm and laughed. We finished our rabbit slash chicken, and then went back into the hotel. I had booked two rooms with an adjoining door in the middle so I could have some privacy, and also because I thought Lucius would appreciate having his own room. So far he had interviewed a local for his article, and had been enjoying the various markets in town. I was really glad for the room arrangements because as soon as the door shut behind us, Gustave's hands were all up in my business, which I of course thoroughly enjoyed and reciprocated. Suddenly, reality hit me like a ton of bricks. If I had sex with Gustave, and fell in love with him, I'd be sealing his fate. I still wasn't sure how I felt about him other than he made me feel safe and I loved spending time with him.

"Gustave? Can I ask you a serious question?"

Gustave and I were both panting from the intensity of kissing each other so passionately, but he managed to respond to my question. We went and sat on the bed.

"Oui, Sicilee, you can talk to me about anything."

"Even if it's something really strange? Like out of the ordinary? You won't run away or hate me forever?"

"Non, Sicilee, I could never hate you. What is it, mon cheri?"

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Gustave looked at me and noticed I was having a hard time with what I was going to ask him, so he moved closer and put his arm around me. I felt safer already.

"My family name has a curse attached to it. Any man I fall in love who has a child with me dies. I was in love once with a man named Austin Meringue, and he fell prey to the curse. However, he is still alive in a different world because a vampire saved him for me. I can bring Austin back if I fulfill a mysterious task that I know nothing about except that I have to have lots of children, all with different men. I still love Austin very much, and I want to be with him again."

"Is your last name Zenteri?"

I was shocked by Gustave's question. I hadn't told him my last name the last time I was here, had I? How did he know that?

"Sicilee, the Zenteri name is a famous one here in France. There is a fairy tale based on the stories of the family with that name. An evil witch banishes her granddaughter from the kingdom for falling in love with a vampire. The vampire gets murdered and the granddaughter is cursed to roam the land as a promiscuous woman forever. Eventually she finds a man who doesn't judge her for her actions, breaking the curse, and they live happily ever after."

That is so weird. The fairy tale Gustave told me wasn't exactly the same as the truth, but it was similar. From what I know, Alexandra and Vincent were living in Simerica when all of that happened. Had Eleanor killed someone else before Vincent? I know that my ancestors were originally from France so I suppose it was entirely possible that she wreaked havoc here before moving to Simerica.

"It sounds like that fairy tale was loosely based on my life. I'm the promiscuous lady who's been cursed to roam the lands forever."

"How many children do you have, Sicilee?"


"Am I the father to any of them?"

"No, but I am scared if I have sex with you, that I won't be so lucky this time. I don't want to lose you as a friend, and I'm sorry I can't be in love with you because I'm in love with Austin."

"He is a lucky man."

Gustave grinned at me with mischief in his eyes and smile. I wondered what he was going to do. I was so relieved he wasn't upset with me. He put his hand on my hip and rubbed me suggestively.

"You know, Sicilee," he said as he kissed me, "you don't always have to have sex to get pleasure."

Gustave laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, keeping his hand close to my hips. He started kissing me hard like he had when we first came back to the hotel room. He continued to rub my hip and then he slowly moved his hand under my skirt, removing my underwear. I felt like I was on fire as he touched me in between my legs. I kissed him harder than I ever thought I could as his fingers danced around that sensitive area. I started unbuttoning his shirt as fast as I could.

He stopped kissing me momentarily to toss his shirt onto the floor. I opened the clasp on the front of my shirt and grabbed his neck, pulling him towards me again. He kissed my chest and then moved his way back up to my mouth. I hoped he hadn't forgotten about my bareness down below and his plans to pleasure me. I was so turned on by his tongue and his very large muscles that when he put his hand on me under my skirt again, I shivered at his very warm touch. He waited until I was desperately breathing for air and then I felt him satisfy the burning sensation between my legs with two of his fingers. He slid them slowly in and out, always managing to push in a little deeper than before.

I wondered if he was burning just as much as I was since the bottom of him was nowhere near me. He was keeping it away from me as a courtesy to me I'm sure since he had pretty much agreed not to have sex with me in the traditional sense. I rubbed his chest slowly, tickling his bare skin. I undid his jeans and plunged my hand quickly into his underwear, grabbing him and moving my hand up and down. He started moving his fingers to match the intensity of my hand on him, so whenever I wanted him to go slower, I just moved my hand slower. When I was finally ready to be done, I let him know with my hand and he responded just as I expected him to. We laid there for a few minutes, hearts beating in rapid succession. I stood up because I wanted to take a shower before going to bed.

"Sicilee, wait."

"What is it, Gustave?"

"I want to join you in the shower if that is all right?"

I pulled him up towards me and kissed him to tell him yes.

As I stepped into the shower, I made sure the water was nice and warm before I signaled for Gustave to come in with me. The shower stall was really small, so we had a little bit of a hard time maneuvering around in the shower. He took the problem into his own hands when he lathered me at the same time as himself. I felt like the water made him so much hotter. After we rinsed off, we went to bed. Gustave snuggled me all night. I was lucky to have such a good friend in him.

Chapter 60: France

I love Mom's cooking. She made ratatouille and it's so good, even though it's leftovers. I am a reporter for the Ravenview High Times, the lead reporter. The boss at the newspaper wants me to go to France to interview someone. I think that's a bit crazy considering it takes a lot of time to travel, especially since it's not like traveling to another city in Simerica, it's really serious traveling. Mom has a tshirt with the Eiffel Tower on it, so I think she likes France too. I'm going to talk to her about this assignment I have. I hope she's not too busy to take me there.

"Hey Mom? I have an assignment for my reporter job that requires me to go to France. Is there any way you can take me there? I know it's far away and it's kind of asking a lot, but I'd really like to try to do it. They're going to pay me and improve my school performance."

"Well, I don't know, Lucius. Why don't you put Helena in her crib after you're done with breakfast? Then maybe."


Mom looked kind of spaced out when she said that. I wondered if she was all right. I went into the living room and saw Helena rubbing her eyes.

"Hey, little Helena. Are you okay?"

"Wusee-us! I'm sweepy."

"Well I'm going to take you to bed."

"Tank you."

After I came back into the kitchen, Mom sat down next to me. She smiled at me.

"Lucius, I was just messing with you. You didn't have to put Helena to bed for me to take you to France. I actually have a guy I like who lives there and I was thinking of going to visit him. It's really convenient that your assignment is requiring you to go there and not somewhere else."


I whined a little, but I thought what she did was kind of funny.

"What's your assignment about?"

"I have to interview a French local for a cultural article. When did you go to France?"

"A while ago, before you were born. It was my first time traveling, and I met my friend, Gustave."

"So... when we go to France, can I go exploring on my own?"

"As long as you keep your cell phone on and call me once a day to let me know where you are."

"Is it dangerous there?"

"No, not really, but there are some underground tombs that have secret passages and things that sometimes get stuck. I just don't want you to get lost or hurt. It would also be good if you came back to the hotel by midnight. Does that sound fair to you?"

"Yeah, sure!"

"Okay, let's go pack a bag and then we can leave."

Lucius and I had just gotten off the flight. I had found our luggage in the baggage claim and exited to the receiving area of the airport, where I found a smiling Gustave holding up a sign with my name on it.


"Sicilee! Bonjour!"

Gustave hugged me tightly as I quickly set my bag down and kissed him.

"It's so good to see you again. I missed you, Sicilee."

"I missed you too."

"Gustave, this is my son, Lucius."

"Hello Lucius, bonjour. Welcome to France. Come, I'll drive us to the hotel."

I walked into Helena's room when I heard her stir in her crib. It's nice having heightened senses because I can usually tend to her before she even needs to cry. Sicily took Lucius to France with her this morning. She was going to visit Gustave again, and Lucius had a school project involving France. This left me alone with Helena, which is a much needed break from all the time traveling I'd been doing lately.

"Good morning, Helena."

"Mowning, Tennan."

"What do you want to do today, Helena?"

"I want to wawk wike you."

"Oh, you want to learn how to walk?"


"Tennan, what's dat?"

"Oh, hang on, it's my phone."

"What's phone?"

"Shh, Helena. Later."


"Hello, Tennan. It's Father. I found someone that will help us if Eleanor becomes a problem. His name is Gavroche Dalziel and he is a witch who lives in Ravenview. He is very powerful and he plays for the good side. I have filled him in on our situation, and he was very understanding."

"Father, that's great news."

"Yes it is. Goodbye now, Tennan."

"What's phone?"

Helena still remembered what she was asking before I had my phone conversation. She was a smart little girl. I was thinking about what my father said. I was really glad that he had found a resource for us in case the worst happened to be true.

"A phone is something we can use to talk to people who are not in the same place we are."

"Wow, cool!"

"Do you want to walk now?"

"Yes, yes!"

I picked Helena up and propped her up. Then she let go and I walked a little further back. She had great balance for her very first time. When I told her to come to me, she successfully did it on her first try.

"Tennan! I did it, I did it!"

"Yes, you did, wonderful!"

Ater a successful walking lesson, I fed Helena again and then put her in her crib. I was out in the garden tending to the plants when I heard an annoying voice at the front gate.

"Ugh! Why is this gate locked? I just want a picture of Sicily Zenteri."

I sighed as I realized it was another paparazzi coming to annoy Sicily. Unfortunately they annoyed me as well even though they didn't care about getting my picture.

I was getting angrier as the paparazzi woman continued to yell about not being able to come into the property. My hands clenched into fists at my side as I walked over to the woman. I could have used my vampire speed, but I wanted to scare her away slowly. She really was ruining my night.

"I would appreciate it if you would leave this property."

"Who the hell are you?"

"Wow, you are extremely rude. You shouldn't even be here. The fact that I was on the inside of the gate means I am someone who lives here, that is who I am, and that is all you will be finding out about me. I would appreciate it if you leave now."

I repeated myself with a little more anger in my voice because she didn't seem to be the kind of person who understood kindness. I was prepared to scare the shit out of her if need be because that was what usually worked on these paparazzi. They claimed to be all brave, getting the story no matter what, but when they came up against me, they always cowered in fear.

"What if I don't leave? Are you going to call the cops?"

"No. I have ways of disposing of people that aren't common."

I spoke these last few words eerily and made sure to bare my fangs.

"Holy shit."

The paparazzi made the sign of the cross on her chest and backed away from me. Then she turned and ran away. I like having that effect on people.

Gustave drove us to the hotel. The three of us got out of the car and went into our room. I put our luggage down and Lucius said he was going to find someone to interview. He went off on his own, leaving Gustave and I alone.

"Sicilee, do you want to go to the nectary again?"

He read my mind. I also wanted to go to a museum this time around. I was so glad to be here again and spend some time with Gustave. My heart was beating really fast again, just as it had the first time I was here.

"Oui, Gustave."

"Oh, tres bien, Sicilee. Your French is good."

Gustave was so adorable. All I had said was yes.

When we got to the nectary, Gustave went into the tasting room and got some drinks for us. The wine was white and sweet. I liked how it tasted as the liquid ran down my throat. I made a mental note to buy a bottle of this stuff before leaving the nectary.

"Sicilee, is there anything you want to do today?"

"I want to go to the Louvre."

"Oui, that is a good idea."

We drank a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. It was getting dark by the time we realized we had spent the entire day at the nectary. I guess it happens when the wine is so tasty. I was getting tired, but I wanted some loving from Gustave. I stopped myself from getting another drink and instead went out into the store portion of the nectary and picked up a bottle of the wine Gustave and I had just been sampling. Gustave walked up to me and hugged me. I think the museum would have to wait another day because tonight all I wanted to see was Gustave.

12 April 2013

Chapter 59: Possibility

 All the things society has taught me are lies. Everything I learned in school when I was a child was a lie. I hope I can bridge the gap between our species. Things are sort of progressing because there's one school in town that is a mixed species school, the first of its kind where witches and vampires can attend together. People still get bullied on both sides, however. I don't believe that witches are our enemies. I have a friend who is a witch and she is kind and sweet. I saw her in the park one day, some vampire girls were teasing her. One of them must have said something very rude because she started crying. I went over to her cautiously because I knew she would probably be startled to see a male vampire approaching her.

"Are you okay?"

She glared at me, as I expected, and took a harsh tone with me.

"What do you care? I'm a witch and you're a vampire."

"I'm not like the other vampires who can't see past what a person is. I don't believe there should be hate between our species."

Her eyes softened for a minute, but then she glared at me again.

"How do I know you're telling me the truth and not just trying to get something from me?"

"Well, would telling you that I'm the one who has been putting the Love Not Hate posters around the school help you believe me?"

"Not unless you had one right now to give to-"

I put a poster in her hand since I was carrying a stack of them in my arms. I had just gotten done putting them up for the day.

"Now do you believe me?"

She looked at me and nodded.

"Are you the one who has that after school club for both witches and vampires?"

"Yes. Would you like to come sometime? The vampires who go to the club are open minded like me."

"Ok. My name is Iliana, by the way."

"I'm Valparaiso."

I have to tell Sicily about what my father and I just theorized. I also have to figure out what her mother did with Sicily's sibling, whether she had the baby or not, and if there's residual magic somewhere in her bloodline. It's going to be a busy month, if not longer.

When I arrive at Sicily's house, she's teaching Helena how to talk. I'm still so in awe of Sicily, she is such a fighter and I'm honored to be her protector.

"Can you say house, Helena?"


"Good job, baby."


I nearly jump out of my skin when I hear Tennan's deep voice behind me. He's always so quiet when he moves, like a ninja. I didn't even hear him come in or use the door, but I'm glad to see his sexy face again.

"Hi Tennan. Welcome back."

"Thanks. Sicily, I have some things to tell you that are quite serious."


"Do you remember anyone in your family being able to use magic? Even if it was just a little?"

"No. The only people I remember are Christian and my mother, and they didn't use magic. Why do you ask?"

"Well, my father thinks that someone in your family may have some residual magic that they are using to make it harder for me to find things out about your past."

"There's a bad person in my family who wants this to keep happening to me?"

"Yes, it's a possibility."

"What about my other sibling? The baby my mother was pregnant with that I never met."

"That's where I got stuck. Usually when I'm sending you dreams, I naturally get to a point where I can't see anymore and I have to take a break. This time, however, I got stopped early, as if something was purposely blocking me. That something felt an awful lot like dark magic, which brings me back to my ultimate concern. If there is no one with residual magic in your family, then Eleanor may still be alive, and she could be the one preventing me from moving forward."

Oh dear, not Eleanor. I saw what she did to Vincent and I really hope she's not alive to repeat that with Tennan. I'm not sure what to say right now because I'm worried. Luckily for me, Tennan can read my mind.

"I will do my best to be cautious. My father's also watching out for me. It will be okay, Sicily. Just keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and let me know about it straight away."

Tennan gives me a reassuring smile and I want to jump him. Stop it, Sicily. That's what Eleanor... the curse wants you to do. It's counting on you to screw up your own life. I really need that trip to France right now. Instead of doing what I really want to do, which is put Helena down and make out with Tennan, I let him know that I'll tell him if I see anything weird. I try to go back to teaching Helena, but I can't get Eleanor out of my head. My crazy ass great, great, great, great times infinity grandmother. I can't believe I'm related to such scum.

I headed to bed to try to calm myself, hoping I would feel better in the morning. When I got up, Kensington was awake and packing his stuff. He had grown up and was ready to get his own place. I was going to miss him.

"Hi, Kensington. I'm going to miss you. Do you need any help packing?"

"No, I think I'm just about done... but I want you to have this."

Kensington turned around and handed me a present. It was his Prom King crown, complete with his name engraved in it.

"Oh, honey, thank you."

"You're welcome. I'll call you when I'm all settled in."

"Ok, I love you."

"Love you too, Mom."

I watched as Kensington gave Helena a hug before he left.

"Hey little lady, be good for Mommy, okay?"

"Ok, Kensi!"

"Love you, Helena."

"Wuv you Kensi."

My heart was sad as Kensington waved goodbye. I think I was overly emotional today because of what Tennan had told me. I couldn't let Eleanor get to me. Tennan didn't even know for sure if she was still alive, so I really shouldn't worry about things that were out of my control. I figured the best way for me to stay sane was to just continue on with life as best I could. I had received a letter from Gustave saying he'd love to stay at the hotel with me if I visited him. I was glad to have Gustave as a friend, and  in a way, I was glad he lived in France because I felt like I could escape to him when I needed it.