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Sierra Wellington, BC Challenger

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Snob, Flirty

Sierra's House

Sierra and Thomas' mansion that I built

Thomas Wellington

Sierra's husband

First Name Theme Poll

I had a naming poll for this first set of 10 kids and mythological names won

25 October 2015

Zenteri Reboot Ending

Okay. Who am I kidding. I don't update this story worth a darn, and I don't think I will be anymore. I am not into baby challenges, and I don't know why I thought I was, or should be, or whatever. I am biting the bullet and just ending this story. The blog will stay open but there will be no new updates. I left off with the part where I had let people submit their Sims to me as potential gardeners for Sierra, and even though I won't be updating this site anymore, I will use Mason Agduo, made by TheJanesLegacy, in another one of my stories. You may find me in a few other places these days.