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Sierra Wellington, BC Challenger

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Snob, Flirty

Sierra's House

Sierra and Thomas' mansion that I built

Thomas Wellington

Sierra's husband

First Name Theme Poll

I had a naming poll for this first set of 10 kids and mythological names won

27 October 2014

#2 - Frankie Woodard

Basic Info

Traits:: Flirty, Daredevil, Party Animal, Childish, Friendly
Favorites:: R&B Music, Vegetarian Lobster Thermador, Red
Lifetime Wish:: Star News Anchor - Reach Level 10 of Journalism Career
Children:: Indira Renee Woodard (F), Poseidon Josiah Woodard (M)
Created By:: Frankie is a townie in Sunset Valley. It turns out he was the mascot. A bunch of people came over to Sierra's house when I moved her in, and I made over all the guys in the group, including Frankie.

Brief Description

Frankie Woodard is Sierra's friend from New Jersey. She met him when they were both teenagers, and he was visiting Minnesota. Sierra had a wild summer with him, and then he went home. Sierra wonders if things would have been different between her and Frankie if she hadn't been promised to Thomas. Frankie is co-owner of a sandwich shop back home.

Random Photos and Outtakes

I had never seen the gnome mascot costume before so I made Frankie change into it for fun. I like him better in his regular clothes.

On high free will, Frankie enjoyed scaring Thomas. True to the story line, these two disliked each other... which I originally thought of, and then the Sims followed suit.

Frankie is childish, so he could often be found in the nursery playing with the dollhouse, or another random toy he found in the toy chest.

Any time Frankie went into the hot tub or the pool, he always chose to skinny dip. I don't know how many times I'd switch over to see what he was doing and found him naked. *faints*

23 October 2014

Wellington 7: Indira and Poseidon

Guest Starring: Mason Agduo by TheJanesLegacy

Three weeks after Frankie had left, I started feeling nausea again, like I had when I had gotten pregnant the first time. I smiled to myself as I thought about carrying a little piece of Frankie with me. I pondered whether he would be happy to hear that he might be a father, and then decided he was such a nice guy that he probably would, but I was still afraid to tell him. I had been emailing Frankie weekly since he had gone back home, determined not to lose touch with him again. I felt like this kind of news warranted a phone call, however, since it was big. I adjusted myself on the couch and dialed his number.


"Sierra! Hey, it's good to hear your voice. How are you?"

I chuckled a little, gathering my bearings, trying to still the butterflies in my stomach. I didn't know what I was so worried about, it's not like I hadn't done this once before, and I was not expecting anything from Frankie. Maybe I was worried about pissing off my only friend, other than my children, of course.

"I'm doing okay, I've been feeling a little sick lately. I think I might be pregnant."

"Oh! That's great, congratulations. I mean, Thomas is a jerk, but he's your husband, so this is a happy time for you guys."

"No, Frankie, it's yours."

I heard Frankie gasp and then take a breath.

"Really? Sierra, that's great news."

"You're not mad at me?"

"Oh my god, no, why?"

"I don't know, I just didn't want to tie you down or make you feel like you had to take care of me, or that I was trying to trap you or anything ridiculous like that."

"Ahh no, babe, I know you wouldn't do that. You ain't that kind of woman. How involved do you want me to be, Sierra? Do you want the kid to know I'm its' father?"

"I don't think there'd be any harm in letting the kid know. We can do video chats so you can see it grow up."

"That would be amazing. Ha! Who knew I'd ever be a father! All right, hey, I got to go babe, but keep me posted okay? Love you."

"Love you too, Frankie."

I hung up the phone and relaxed on the couch, feeling much better about the whole thing. I should have known Frankie wouldn't have a problem with it.

Time passed, and I brought twins Indira and Poseidon home. They grew fast, and I wanted to give them a chance to see Frankie, so today we were going to talk over Skype.

"Are you guys excited to see Daddy?"

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Both Indira, my girl, and Poseidon, my boy, were ecstatic and all smiles. I was glad I was able to let them connect with their father this way. I carried them both upstairs with me, as I still had the computer in the room on the fourth floor that used to be the triplets' room. After we got upstairs I put them down, and they walked over to the chair with me. I sat down and got the computer ready, then picked them up again and let them sit on my lap.

"Hey everyone!"

"Is that Daddy?"

"Why's Daddy in the screen?"

"Does it hurt in there, Daddy?"

The connection had barely been established before Indira and Poseidon were shooting him so many questions, he couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

"It can't hurt, Indira, Daddy's laughing, you don't laugh when you hurt."

"Poseidon's right, it doesn't hurt. I'm just in a different town."

"Where are you?"

"New Jersey."

Both children oohed and aahed in amazement, and I was happy they were both showing such enthusiasm towards their father, whom they had never physically met. I suppose it was because they didn't know any better, and I hoped that by doing this, they would still form healthy relationships with Frankie. After about ten minutes, the kids got restless, and they had their fill of talking to Frankie, so I let them go play while I talked to him.

After I finished talking to Frankie, I went to let Mason in because it was his first day of work and I was excited to spend time with him, show him around the garden, and hopefully get some better landscaping around my house instead of having all these dead plants everywhere. My house took up most of the lot, so all the landscaping was going to be focused in the front of the house. Mason suggested pushing the gate back a little further and adding some bushes. After that, I showed him the small garden plot that looked atrocious.

"Mrs. Sierra, this is truly terrible. There is not even a proper display style for your garden. Your house is so fancy, but this garden plot is so plain. I can make it look a lot better."

"Thank you, Mason. I am happy I hired you. I trust your judgment."

"Well, I will go to the hardware store and pick up some brick to make a beautiful garden plot for you."

With that, I sent Mason with some money for supplies, and he was off to the store to begin the renovations.

INDIRA Renee Woodard
Baby #4 (Female)
Indira is the Sanskrit goddess of beauty, fortune, and power.
Personality Traits:: Brave, Couch Potato
Favorites:: Soul Music, French Toast, Blue
Genetics:: Indira got Sierra's hair and eye color.
First Word:: Uhh... So Indira taught herself to talk with the playpen, which she did when I wasn't paying attention, probably Thomas' doing, since I caught him putting Poseidon in the playpen just now. I thought I'd just have Sierra pick her up and chat with her to see what she talked about, but there isn't an option for Sierra to chat with her... which baffles me because a toddler who knows how to talk always has the option, so she doesn't have a first word. So she has no "Teach to Talk" option, and no "Chat" option. I'm kind of disappointed because I thought it would be a cute thing to show all the babies first words... *sighs heavily*

POSEIDON Josiah Woodard
Baby #5 (Male)
Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses
Personality Traits:: Insane, Grumpy
Favorites:: Classical Music, Frog Legs, Sea Foam
Genetics:: Poseidon has Frankie's brown hair, and a light brown eye color, which is Frankie's eye color, with the saturation of Sierra's eyes.
First Word:: Radioactive

An extra picture of the twins

04 October 2014


I'm still here. I had some bad days that affected my writing processes for all my stories. I'm also in transition between generations on Echoes of Eternity, so that blog has been getting my attention as of late. Those bad days also affected Echoes, but it hit my two other stories as well. I don't normally apologize for a million things simply because it's my stories, so I can update as often or as little as I want, and I've never had a schedule for any of my posts. I don't want to limit myself or put pressure on myself with my writing because writing is what I do for fun, and if I turn it into a job, I will end up hating it.

This time however, I do feel a little bad for the neglect I've had towards the Zenteri Reboot. I am writing this to say I am still here, and apologies for neglecting this story for so long.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


06 August 2014

#1 - Thomas Wellington

Traits:: Ambitious, Schmoozer, Snob, Virtuoso, Lucky
Created By:: Late Knight Simmer
Hair Color:: Blonde
Eye Color:: Pink

Children:: [3] Adonis Jeremiah, Perseus Isaiah, Hermes Adrian

Brief Description:: Thomas is Sierra's husband. I didn't go by the standard BC rules of starting the Sim out by herself because I thought it would be boring. Thomas and Sierra don't have a very great marriage, but they are together for extenuating circumstances. Thomas is arrogant and loves to be the life of the party, often running around on Sierra. He provides comic relief when he and Sierra bicker back and forth most of the times when they bump into each other. Thomas tries to be tough with the men Sierra has extramarital affairs with, but he usually backs down before things get physical. He wouldn't want to bruise up that pretty face of his... at least that's what Thomas thinks. A lot of guys would like to beat the shit out of Thomas because he is an asshole.


This post is mainly for the 100 BC directory I am in. They like to know if the story is still active.

It's been almost a month since my last chapter post. I've been posting bios of people in the meantime, such as the first three children who have moved out, and the first father. I have some of the next chapter written. I just have to finish getting pictures and figure out how to end the chapter, then I will publish it. I will try not to take too long to do that.

Thanks for your patience,
Late Knight

24 July 2014

Hermes Adrian Wellington

Basic Info

Traits:: Unflirty, Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Mean-Spirited, Eco-Friendly
Favorites:: Soul Music, Hot Dogs, Lime Green
Lifetime Wish:: The Zoologist: Catch 20 Minor Pets in the Wild

Brief Description

Hermes was the last son in Sierra's first set of triplets. As a toddler, he was the weak one. Adonis picked on him relentlessly, and Hermes often spent most of his time crying in Sierra's arms, being comforted. During childhood, his brother stopped picking on him, and stood up for him when a bully at school picked on him. Ever since then, Hermes has gotten along with Adonis. Hermes developed a mean streak towards Perseus, however, making fun of him for being wierd. He was a bit of a hypocrite in this fact, since he himself was bullied, but Hermes seems to have picked up Thomas' attitude of thinking he's better than everyone. Hermes picks on Perseus because he doesn't want people to think of him as wierd based on his brother's actions, and Perseus embarrasses him. Hermes is often stressed out because he cares so much about what people think. Constantly being worried about things like how his hair or his clothes look is exhausting, but he'd rather have it that way than risk looking bad in public. Hermes was voted Most Likely to be Mediocre at graduation, and he was the Class Valedictorian. Hermes loves nature and he is very interested in saving the environment.

Photos - Young Adult

Photos - Toddler to Teen

Photos - Hermes with his Brothers

12 July 2014

Perseus Isaiah Wellington

Basic Info

Traits:: Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Vegetarian, Cat Person, Clumsy
Favorites:: Latin Music, Vegetarian Lobster Thermador, Spice Brown
Lifetime Wish:: Emperor of Evil - Reach Level 10 in the Criminal Career
Father:: Thomas Wellington

Brief Description

Perseus was the second born son in Sierra's first set of triplets. Perseus is the only triplet to get a mix of his parents' genetics, with Thomas' blonde hair, and Sierra's eyes. He has a strong personality, and doesn't care what others think of him. As a toddler, he and his brother Adonis got along well with each other. When Perseus reached childhood, he loved pretending he was a king, and writing stories. People tried to bully him because they thought he was wierd, but he didn't really care, choosing to ignore them, which made them eventually leave him alone. As a teenager, Perseus was the only one of Sierra's boys to get a girlfriend, and the only one who attended prom. Perseus often avoided doing his homework until the last minute, preferring to set booby traps around the mansion. Perseus was voted Most Likely to Offend Others at his graduation ceremony. Perseus enjoys working out, and now spends a lot of his time at the gym, making sure he's in tip top physical condition.

Photos - Young Adult

Photos - Toddler to Teen

Photos - Perseus with his Brothers

09 July 2014

Adonis Jeremiah Wellington

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of short bios and photo shoots that I will be doing for each of Sierra's children. I thought I would do this because the children don't get a lot of face time in the story before they move out.

Basic Info

Traits:: Evil, Eccentric, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal, Frugal
Favorites:: Roots Music, Spaghetti, Blue
Lifetime Wish:: Master Magician - Reach Level 10 of Magician Career
Father:: Thomas Wellington

Brief Description

Adonis was the first son born to Sierra. He was part of a set of triplets, who are also boys. Adonis inherited Sierra's red hair with pink highlights, and her eyes. As a toddler, he was mean to his brother Hermes, who was a bit of a weak personality, but he grew out of it once he and his brothers started school, even going so far as to beat up a classmate who was picking on Hermes. Adonis has always gotten along with Perseus, who also has a strong personality. He is interested in logic, enjoys dabbling in chemistry experiments, playing chess, and performing sleight of hand. When he became a teenager, he dyed a strip of his hair black, pierced his lip, and got a set of tattoo sleeves on both arms, to the dismay of Thomas, who is very keen on keeping up appearances. Sierra has always been a rebel at heart, and although she is a snob who enjoys rich things and luxury, she's never been repulsed by tattoos or hair dye, so she was okay with Adonis' decision. She likes that he's figuring out who he is as a person, and that's all she wants for her children. Despite Adonis' rebellious appearance, he was the only one of Sierra's children who got a part-time job, working at the Day Spa in town. Upon graduation, Adonis was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World. Adonis turned his attention to sleight of hand, and illusions, trying his hand at becoming a magician. He still does chemistry and chess in his spare time as hobbies.

Photos - Young Adult

After the ceremony, Adonis performed some magic tricks outside City Hall for tips.

Photos - Toddler to Teen

Photos - Adonis with his Brothers