Last time I did this, I made some Sims myself, but I also allowed for people to donate Sims to me for use as potential fathers. I will be doing this again. If you would like me to use a Sim father for Sierra, state his name, the link where he can be found, and your internet name so I can give you credit in the chapter where he shows up. I also have some guidelines of what kind of Sims I will want in the story, which I have listed below. The main thing to remember is the Sim will be for the most part used for a chapter or two and then set free into the town.


  • Gender
    • Male
  • Life State
    • Human, I would love to keep this story human based, so no supernaturals this time around
  • Body type
    • Skinny to Moderate, no overly obese Sims
  • Muscles are good
  • Hair and eye color
    • Doesn't matter, you can use pink hair and purple eyes, or you can use blonde hair and brown eyes or any combination of colors
  • Skin color
    • Human, no berry Sim skin tones
  • Personality and Lifetime Wish
    • These do not matter, you can donate a Sim who is incredibly wretched or a Sim who is a complete angel, I do not mind either way. Lifetime wish can be whatever you want as well, as the Sim daddy will not be sticking around in the household for very long anyway.
  • Custom Content
    • I enjoy custom hair and clothes, but if you do use it, please provide links to where you got it, so I can check it with my CC program to make sure it's not corrupt.

Things That May Change
  • Hair Style and Clothing
    • Due to EPs I don't have, hair and clothing may change if I don't have the same EPs as you do. I don't mind that I don't have the EP, I just want you to know it might change. CC used might also change, if my CC program finds a corrupt file, I will just replace it with something else that works. Hairstyle may change if it is CC, and it ends up not working with my game somehow.
  • Default Skin and Eye Replacers
    • I will not mess with any Sims facial structure that is donated, nor change their hair color or eye color. I feel that disrespects the person who made the Sim in the first place. However, I do have a particular default skin and eye replacer that I love and use all the time in my game, so your Sim may look slightly different in my game than in yours simply because of that. 
  • Personality and Lifetime Wish
    • These might change just due to EPs I don't have.

Expansions and Stuff Packs I Do Have
  • World Adventures
  • High-End Loft Stuff
  • Ambitions
  • Fast Lane Stuff
  • Late Night
  • Outdoor Living Stuff
  • Generations
  • Pets
  • Showtime
  • University Life


  1. Hey if you are looking for some baby daddies you can check out my downloads page on my blog over at wordpress. Also there are fathers that I have already used in my game available for download under genetics. Here's the link:

    PS. I have CC eyes and skin, everything else is from the store or EP and SP. The download links are Sim files that way you don't get the CC from them because I know some people don't like that :)

    1. Hey Jordon! :) Thank you for the offer. I will have a look at your site and the things you suggested. I am not sure exactly when I'm going to need daddies, but I will keep you in mind. Thanks again. Ahh, yes, I have my own CC eyes and skin. I also happen to love links in ".sim" files! <3

  2. is it ok if we include the cc with the file of the daddy we are donating.

    1. Yes, it is okay, just be aware that I might change it if any of the CC causes problems after I test it. :) Thank you for asking. <3

  3. For The Gardener:

    Feel free to edit muscles, skin, and mouth.
    The mouth is because when I was creating him, his teeth sometimes sank out and then went back in. It was a really weird glitch, so if it happens in your game, feel free to try and fix it since I couldn't really figure it out.
    If he isn't picked, feel free to use him as another daddy ^^

    1. Crap... I forgot to fill out the form thing for the Submit a Gardener.
      So here I go:
      Name: parabee27
      Sim's Name: Kamden Rei
      Personality Traits: Genius, Athletic, Brave, Great Kisser, Green Thumb
      No CC
      The link is in my first comment

    2. Hi parabee, LOL. thanks for coming back and filling out the details. It'll help me a lot when I'm trying to write for him in the story.
      Yeah, he will have the default skin that I have with my game. Ahh, okay, I'll fix his mouth if that glitch happens. Thank you for letting me know about it, and thanks for your submission. :)