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09 November 2013

Chapter 70: Newcomers

After exploring a little bit, I realized that the next closest house was going to be miles away on foot. I decided I wasn't curious enough about Kasey to walk that far. The weather was nice though, so I didn't feel like going back to my house yet since there really wasn't much to do there. I was just about to sit down next to a small clearing and grab some water from the pond when I heard a loud noise. I darted behind a tree and peeked out to see what was happening. There were three men in what looked to be medieval looking garb setting up camp next to the pond.

One was blonde, the other dark haired, and the third, who caught my eye, was a redhead. Although they were all wearing medieval clothes, the redhead looked like he was in charge because his clothing was more decorated and glamorous than the other two men. I decided to stay and eavesdrop.

"Joshua, gather some firewood for this fire pit. Ramon, help me fish. We can celebrate our arrival to the New World with a good meal."

The New World? I must be in the era of time when America was first being discovered. Why on earth was I sent so far back in time? Just to disorient me or something? I had to admit it was quite an adventure, considering most people just read about this kind of stuff in history books, while I get to experience it firsthand. I continued spying on the three men and eventually Joshua came back with some firewood, so they could eat.

"Where do you think is a good spot for starting our new civilization, Lord Cristoff?"

"Well, wherever there are a lot of trees, and water nearby would be good also. That way we have all our resources close. People like towns with a good selection of things available to them. Have you seen any of the people rumored to live in the trees yet?"

"No, my Lord, but I've been warned that they are dangerous. We should watch out for them. Do you think they really live in trees?"

"Of course not, Ramon, no one can live in a tree. Trees can be used to build houses, but to live amongst the branches seems quite ridiculous."

All three men started laughing. I found their conversation silly. They really thought that tribes of people here were tree dwellers? Wait? Am I one of these supposed tree dwellers? I did wake up on this land already, while they had to travel to it. My father and I lived in a log cabin, probably the same kind that they were thinking of building themselves. I found my role reversal quite wierd since in modern days, I would have been on the same level as these guys, probably meeting them at various places around Ravenview. I somehow felt lower class, however, when they were talking about the people who already lived here.

CRACK... Someone had stepped on a branch behind me. I froze, unsure of what was going to happen. I hoped the men across the pond didn't hear it because I didn't know if they were going to be hostile or kind. I was also hoping the person behind me was not hostile.

"Sicily. Why are you always outside wandering around?"

When I heard a man's voice, and that he knew who I was, I guessed that it was Kasey who was talking to me.

"Kasey, be quiet. There are strange men over there across the pond. I don't know if they're dangerous or not. It would be good not to talk so loudly."

"What do they want?"

"I don't know. They said something about building a new civilization here."

Kasey looked towards the men at the firepit and I saw anger in his eyes. It freaked me out a little especially since I was supposedly being paired with Kasey for the good of my tribe.

"What? That is unacceptable. This is our land. We are the only ones who should be building things here. I'll go tell my father, he will know what to do to make them leave."

"Can't we share with them? There's a lot of land."

"No! If we let them take a little, they'll become greedy and want more. Then they'll kill us so they can take the parts of it that we live on."

"Are you speaking from experience? Is that how you act when people share with you?"

I felt my face sting as Kasey's hand came in contact with my face. I felt rage build up inside me as I realized he had just hit me. I'd never been hit by a man before. Suddenly the men across the pond were no longer of any concern to me. I glared at Kasey and punched him in the jaw. It hurt my hand a little, but he deserved it.

He reeled back, in complete shock that I had hit him back. He raised his hand to hit me again and I stepped back to avoid the force of his slap. Suddenly I heard a voice close to me. It was the voice of Lord Cristoff from across the pond. Apparently he had heard the scuffle between Kasey and I. Seeing him up close, my cheeks flushed red at how handsome he was. Lord Cristoff stood in between me and Kasey and raised his arm in front of me as a barrier so Kasey couldn't get to me.

"It's disrespectful to strike a woman."

"You can't tell me how to treat my woman. She's betrothed to me. You are nothing, just a foreign invader of MY land! Just you wait, my father will make sure you either leave or die."

"Are you threatening me?"

"No, I'm promising you get what you deserve."

Kasey glared at Lord Cristoff and ran away into the bushes. I was irritated that I was engaged to such a jackass.

"Are you okay, milady? Your face. It's red."

"Yes, thank you for stopping him."

I looked into Lord Cristoff's eyes, and they were filled with genuine concern. He had red flecks in his brown eyes, a strong jawline, and a prominent nose. I was definitely attracted to him and not Kasey.

"I am Lord Cristoff Westing from England. My men and I are here to survey the land to see if it's suitable for a new civilization."

"My name is Sicily Zenteri. I live in a log cabin a few miles from here. Are you really going to take all the land away and kick people out who already live here?"

"No of course not. We can live together on the land. It's a big place, we can both have parts of it, don't you think?"

"I do. That's what I was telling Kasey before he hit me the first time."

As I talked more to Lord Cristoff, he seemed like a respectable man with lots of honor. He was definitely chivalrous, saving me from Kasey's wrath. I had no idea if my father knew how much of a jerk Kasey was, so I decided that the next time I went home, I would tell him about it.