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Sierra Wellington, BC Challenger

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Snob, Flirty

Sierra's House

Sierra and Thomas' mansion that I built

Thomas Wellington

Sierra's husband

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I had a naming poll for this first set of 10 kids and mythological names won

25 October 2015

Zenteri Reboot Ending

Okay. Who am I kidding. I don't update this story worth a darn, and I don't think I will be anymore. I am not into baby challenges, and I don't know why I thought I was, or should be, or whatever. I am biting the bullet and just ending this story. The blog will stay open but there will be no new updates. I left off with the part where I had let people submit their Sims to me as potential gardeners for Sierra, and even though I won't be updating this site anymore, I will use Mason Agduo, made by TheJanesLegacy, in another one of my stories. You may find me in a few other places these days.

13 February 2015

Sierra's Mansion Construction #3

Interior stuff for me doesn't take half as long as the exterior stuff. Here's some more in progress stuff of what Sierra's first floor will look like.

First Floor in Progress

Another living room area, this one is more adult themed than the upstairs one.

There is a bar directly behind the living room area in the first picture.

Behind the bar, the spa and relaxation area.

The front entry way with a fountain.

The front foyer meet and greet area.

Sierra's new kitchen and dining room area.

Some exercise equipment off to the side tucked in a little nook by the kitchen. 

Overhead shot of the first floor. I think I am done with the first floor now... it's on to the pool area on the side of the house. More to come later.

12 February 2015

Sierra's Mansion Construction #2

Back to construction. First things first, I fixed the walls that were oddly sticking up through the roof on the second floor. Today it's just going to be a lot of interior stuff, decorating, putting lights up, that sort of thing.

Second Floor in Progress #1

Sierra now has a laundry room. I don't know if the chemistry set makes real life sense in the laundry room, but it's a utility room and it's Sims, so I don't really care. LOL. Also just thought it wierd the laundry room was wierd on the second floor, but  I blame the floor plan that came with this house. It said "Mech Room," which I have no idea what that even means.. somehow it translated to "mechanical" which then made me think of utility room.

This is the entrance to Sierra's bedroom, she has a walk in closet, and yeah she has a roof, it's fine.

I put four mirrors in Sierra's bedroom, one in the main part, two in the hallway part, and one in the closet. I have to give my snobby little redhead what she wants, and that's what she likes, to ogle herself as she enters a room. She also has a small balcony overlooking her front yard, and we all know how much Sierra enjoys sex on balconies. Sierra also has a private bathroom attached to her bedroom, but it's a bathroom, do you really need pictures of it? It's kind of small too, so it's nothing to write home about.

I made a room just for the piano. I suppose I thought of it as a way for Thomas to leave Sierra the fuck alone. LOL. Kidding...

This is a living room area where Sierra can hang out and watch her kids at the same time, so I put the toy chest out here too. I wanted to avoid confining the kid stuff into one area like I did with the other house.

The kids' room, complete with stain proof carpeting... hehehe.

Last but not least, the final room (other than bathroom #2) of the second floor, the guest room, which Thomas has currently been occupying. Apologies for the wierd distortion happening.

Just for fun, an overhead shot of the second floor layout.

That's it for this post. More to come later.

New Story

I started a new story... not replacing anything else, no nothing like that. I'm probably crazy, but eh, whatever. While I was taking a break from Sierra's mansion construction, I decided to make up my own Sims3 challenge, which is a makeover challenge. The basic idea is I always make my own Sims when I start a story, so I thought I would throw a wrench into my own plans and play with a townie. Before you cringe and run for your toilet, that's where the makeover portion comes in. I took a townie, made them over, facial features and all that are fair game, and started playing with them. The goal is to pick one Sim world you have, I chose Appaloosa Plains, and makeover all the Sims in the town. When you're done making over all the original households, you complete the challenge. You fulfill the Sim's lifetime wish before you can move on to a different household and give them a makeover. Anyway, all the details are at this post.

Now, the story came about when I was testing the challenge to see if it was do-able, and if it was any fun. I used my Ass Ugly blog, remember Nubby's unfortunate existence [?] and I revamped it since it was just laying around collecting dust in my Blogger list. I kept all of Nubby's chapters, just shoved them into the Archives, much like I did with Sicily's chapters on this blog. The blog's now a combination of set up posts and chapter posts. Set up posts are me testing things out, talking out loud, trying to figure out what needs to be done to make the challenge work, and then I tweak the rules when I find stuff I either forgot about or need to change. Chapter posts are the story I'm writing as ideas come to mind. It's a bit of a practice story because I'm using the stuff in the game to make up a plot rather than what I usually do which is make up a plot and then get pictures of the Sim doing what I want. If you'd like to check out the new story, you can do so at the links below.

11 February 2015

Sierra's Mansion Construction #1

Hi everyone. I am planning on updating this story with a chapter, since I have updated my other two successfully in the past few days. However, I looked back on my notes, and there's a few in-game things I need to do first before I can get the next chapter published. Since this baby challenge moves rather quickly, and I'm trying to keep the kids moving on so that I can keep the story moving forward, I have to do a whole bunch of toddler skill stuff. I never put that in the story cause I feel like it's unnecessary. LOL. I also have to skill up Mason, Sierra's resident gardener, so that he can plant pretty things. In short, this story requires quite a bit more gameplay than my other stories.

Anyway I am rambling. I also got this urge to rebuild/remodel Sierra's mansion. She's going to be living in it while she has the first ten kids, so she has a few more chapters to go where the mansion is home base. LOL. I thought it might be fun to share some building pictures of her mansion as I rebuild it, just because I've been away from this story for a while.


Not bad, but I think I can do better. I tend to have a thing I do where I always make the house parallel to the street. I think that's fairly normal, as most houses do that, but I think I kick myself in the ass because of it too because there's just no room for fun angles and little nooks where landscaping might be placed.


I found this picture on Houzz.com, which I think looks fabulous, and I think it will be the inspiration for the rebuild. I'm not going to mimic it 100% or anything like that, but the landscaping and the archways in front of the house are kind of what I was going for in the original design of the mansion, but I didn't quite pull off. LOL.


I started with the landscaping around the front of the lot, and this is the start of the front entryway area. There's still parts of the old house behind it that I was just gradually deleting as I needed to expand the new house. I did leave the piano in the front yard for a little bit while I built the interior of the new house, LOL.

This is a full build of the outside of the house. There are some roofing issues I need to correct. I don't know why, but there were some walls that instantly extended themselves taller than the rest of the walls, causing them to unnaturally stick out of the roofs. I have never had that happen before. It was so wierd. Other than that, the shell of the house is now up and running.

More to come later! My hand hurts today LOL, from probably deleting 329857487 pieces of house, so I'm going to take a break from this and makeover some townies or something. XD I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes thing.

06 February 2015

It's Alive!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I fell off the earth again. LOL.
I had a better explanation on my Echoes of Eternity blog, but basically I just had no motivation and kind of went through a slump where I didn't open my game for months.

I feel better now, and I've been updating my stories in succession, this one will get an update after I do one for Blink of an Eye.

Thanks for understanding,

27 October 2014

#2 - Frankie Woodard

Basic Info

Traits:: Flirty, Daredevil, Party Animal, Childish, Friendly
Favorites:: R&B Music, Vegetarian Lobster Thermador, Red
Lifetime Wish:: Star News Anchor - Reach Level 10 of Journalism Career
Children:: Indira Renee Woodard (F), Poseidon Josiah Woodard (M)
Created By:: Frankie is a townie in Sunset Valley. It turns out he was the mascot. A bunch of people came over to Sierra's house when I moved her in, and I made over all the guys in the group, including Frankie.

Brief Description

Frankie Woodard is Sierra's friend from New Jersey. She met him when they were both teenagers, and he was visiting Minnesota. Sierra had a wild summer with him, and then he went home. Sierra wonders if things would have been different between her and Frankie if she hadn't been promised to Thomas. Frankie is co-owner of a sandwich shop back home.

Random Photos and Outtakes

I had never seen the gnome mascot costume before so I made Frankie change into it for fun. I like him better in his regular clothes.

On high free will, Frankie enjoyed scaring Thomas. True to the story line, these two disliked each other... which I originally thought of, and then the Sims followed suit.

Frankie is childish, so he could often be found in the nursery playing with the dollhouse, or another random toy he found in the toy chest.

Any time Frankie went into the hot tub or the pool, he always chose to skinny dip. I don't know how many times I'd switch over to see what he was doing and found him naked. *faints*