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Sierra Wellington, BC Challenger

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Snob, Flirty

Sierra's House

Sierra and Thomas' mansion that I built

Thomas Wellington

Sierra's husband

First Name Theme Poll

I had a naming poll for this first set of 10 kids and mythological names won

06 August 2014

#1 - Thomas Wellington

Traits:: Ambitious, Schmoozer, Snob, Virtuoso, Lucky
Created By:: Late Knight Simmer
Hair Color:: Blonde
Eye Color:: Pink

Children:: [3] Adonis Jeremiah, Perseus Isaiah, Hermes Adrian

Brief Description:: Thomas is Sierra's husband. I didn't go by the standard BC rules of starting the Sim out by herself because I thought it would be boring. Thomas and Sierra don't have a very great marriage, but they are together for extenuating circumstances. Thomas is arrogant and loves to be the life of the party, often running around on Sierra. He provides comic relief when he and Sierra bicker back and forth most of the times when they bump into each other. Thomas tries to be tough with the men Sierra has extramarital affairs with, but he usually backs down before things get physical. He wouldn't want to bruise up that pretty face of his... at least that's what Thomas thinks. A lot of guys would like to beat the shit out of Thomas because he is an asshole.


This post is mainly for the 100 BC directory I am in. They like to know if the story is still active.

It's been almost a month since my last chapter post. I've been posting bios of people in the meantime, such as the first three children who have moved out, and the first father. I have some of the next chapter written. I just have to finish getting pictures and figure out how to end the chapter, then I will publish it. I will try not to take too long to do that.

Thanks for your patience,
Late Knight