15 May 2014

Wellington 1: Thomas, the Asshole

Mild Nudity, FYI

The sounds of the water rushing through the jets of my hot tub were incredibly relaxing. More water poured down the makeshift waterfall that was the side of the Jacuzzi which was made of a giant rock that towered over me, complete with a fake palm tree. I pictured myself in a place that was entirely tropical, where I could lay on the beach all day, have hot tanned men rub suntan lotion on me while fanning me, bringing me bottomless margaritas, and feeding me grapes. Instead, I live in Sunset Valley, Minnesota, which is probably the most boring and uneventful town in the universe.

Laying my head back against the side of the faux rocks that made up the rim of the tub, I think about what I want to do for the rest of the day. I look over at the sauna set I have on the other side of the pool room, happy that I can afford such luxurious things. I live in this mansion with my husband, Thomas Wellington. He's kind of an asshole most of the time, but it's nothing I can't put up with. Truth be told, I don't really care that much. We've been growing apart for a while now, and when I think about it more, I don't know if we ever loved each other for real. We were both from privileged families, so it was expected that we would marry within our social status. Neither of us minded the way things were, even though we constantly bored each other most times when we tried to converse. We usually hang out in different parts of the house. Right now, I don't know where Thomas is, and I don't particularly give a shit.

When the tips of my fingers start to look like raisins, I pry myself out of the hot tub and shut it off, toweling off and deciding I need to work on my figure. I enjoy my hourglass shape, and I work out at least four times a week. It's important to me that I look perfect all the time. As I walk out of the pool room, I see a figure in a green sweater sitting in the small reading nook tucked into a little crevice of our mansion. It's Thomas, reading a book. I snicker at his choice of seating location because it's one of the smallest rooms in our mansion and I equate the size of the room to the size of what's in his pants, or lack thereof, I should say. I do think Thomas is somewhat attractive, but I've had better, and someone like me deserves someone way hotter than Thomas, who's just a typical pretentious average looking guy who thinks he's so intelligent. I have no doubts that once we do meet up again, he's going to shove knowledge down my throat like he always does to make him feel better about himself.

I continue ignoring Thomas, not caring to acknowledge him in the slightest. I head downstairs to the open concept gym that we have on the first floor. My equipment of choice today is the treadmill. I picked the one with the most settings, just so I have them all for my use, should I ever need them. During my workout, I see Thomas through the window, standing in the garden, or what's left of the garden, cursing and having a fit. I realize it looks like he's just standing there, but I know him well enough to know he doesn't give two shits about doing the gardening himself. He just goes out there to bitch about how bad of a job the gardeners do. He's fired countless staff members because he thinks they're incompetent, but it's mainly because he's impatient, and not very tolerant. If the gardener doesn't keep on top of the care of the plants, Thomas gets mad and fires them. When he does go out in  the garden, he usually curses under his breath, and then comes storming in about how shitty the garden is and how we need to make our curb appeal look better, even though we have no intentions of selling this house at all.

Working out made me hungry, so I prepared some dinner. What? Just because I have a personal chef come in sometimes, it doesn't mean I don't know how to cook. Thomas must have smelled the food so he came in and joined me. Too bad I wasn't quite done with my meal, so that I was forced to talk to him.

"Really, Sierra? Macaroni and cheese? I didn't even know we had such crap in our house."

"You grabbed a bowl. What does that say about you?"

Thomas glared at me, and picked up his spoon as a silent way of changing the subject.

"Jesus, Sierra, that's so unladylike, you could have waited for me to sit down before wolfing down your food like a farm animal. You're going to have to live on the treadmill if you keep at it."

"Waiting for you is like waiting for paint to dry. If I had waited for you, the macaroni would have spoiled already."

"Did you know the gardener fucked up the garden again? There's one tomato plant that's survived, the rest of it is an atrocity."

"If you know so much about gardening, why don't you just become the gardener?"

Thomas was silent as he finally started to eat his dinner. He wasn't silent for long of course, as I suspected, he started blabbing gibberish about the book he had been reading when I saw him sitting in the library nook earlier today.

"I do not garden because that is what a gardener is for. I just wish we had a good gardener. We have the money for it, clearly. Anyway, I was reading The Player's Journey, and it's very good, it's about a man who has many mistresses, and how he-"

"Oh, so it's a book written about your life."

"Shut up, Sierra. You know nothing about my life, it's not like you ever talk to me."

"I'm talking to you now, and I could say the same for you. When's the last time we had an actual conversation, rather than just hurl insults over dinner?"

When Thomas didn't answer me, I got up from the table and pushed my chair in, going to clear my plate. I needed a shower after my treadmill workout, and I certainly wasn't about to sit here any longer with Thomas.

"You're going to take my eye candy away from me so soon?"

I ignored Thomas' sarcastic remark and headed towards the bathroom, even though I was secretly flattered that he still thought I was eye candy.

Once inside, I let the bath water warm up while I got myself ready. It wasn't until I sat down that I felt the weight of the day lift off my shoulders. I thought about what Thomas had said, how I didn't talk to him anymore, and I guessed that was somewhat true. We had grown apart, and I knew that, I think both of us knew that, but it was only now that I wondered if Thomas cared or was hurt by it in any way. We hadn't slept with each other in a while, both of us finding ways to satisfy ourselves that didn't include the other. When I was done with my shower, I wrapped myself in a towel and headed upstairs to the bedroom. I was exhausted. I opened the door to an empty bed, as usual. Thomas usually opted to sleep in the guest room rather than our master bedroom. I enjoyed it for the most part since I had the whole thing to myself. I slipped a nightgown on and laid down on the 1,800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. I loved how the bed felt, even if I wasn't using it for inappropriate activities.

I had been asleep for probably about thirty minutes when I heard the bedroom door open and some shuffling around that sounded like bare feet on carpet.

"Sierra, are you still awake?"

I heard Thomas' annoying voice, wondering why the hell he was here. He always had some other woman to fulfill his sexual desires, but I couldn't think of any other reason for him to step foot in our bedroom again after so long.

"Yeah, why?"

"Want to fuck?"

I sat up, knowing that I wasn't going to decline his offer, but wanting him to work for it after all the times he'd so purposefully chose not to have sex with me.


Thomas rolled his stupid pink eyes at me, placing one hand on his hip and the other on the side of his neck. I let my eyes wander down his body. He did have a nice body, now if only his face was more exciting.

"Look, Sierra, I don't have time for your bullshit. You want to do this or not?"

I got up off the bed, and slapped him. He glared at me, which turned me on a little bit. He looked so uninteresting, but when he was angry, he was actually more attractive. I gripped the back of his hair and planted my lips onto his, shoving my tongue roughly into his mouth. He kissed me back just as hard, and put his hand under my nightgown, pushing two of his fingers inside me. I moved my hips on him, and as much as I hated him, I missed him touching me, and showing me any affection whatsoever. No matter how much of an asshole he was, he was still my husband. Thomas moved his kisses down to my neck, slamming my hands against the wall, roughly, but not in a mean way.

I was in the middle of feeling really good from what Thomas' fingers were doing to me when he suddenly withdrew them and ripped off my nightgown, throwing it on the floor.

"Asshole, that was expensive!"

"Shut up, you have like a million other nightgowns."

I can't deny that what he said wasn't true. After telling me to shut up, Thomas pulled his pants down and lifted my left leg up so he could get easier access to me. I looked down and was surprised to see how excited he was. I guess he wasn't lying when he said I was his eye candy. I grabbed fistfuls of the hair on top of his head and continued to kiss him as he began to thrust into me powerfully, his other hand massaging my hip and eventually my butt. He pressed me against him, pushing himself in even further.

I had forgotten how good he did feel during the times we managed to put aside our hate for each other and come together as husband and wife. After we both climaxed, I expected nothing less from him when he pulled out of me, picked up his pants and walked out of the room. Asshole.


  1. this is what i call a love and hate marriage. most people would say divorce by now.

    1. LOLL, it's definitely not your typical marriage, that's for sure. Sierra and Thomas are comfortable, as strange as that sounds, in their life, with their huge house and lavish things, they don't really care that their marriage is not working. They'd rather stay together because they want to continue living the lifestyle.

      Thanks so much for checking out the Reboot, terrika! :)

  2. I love it! Oh! The wonderful, cynical hatred!
    Why do I love this so much? LOL
    Well, I just do, dammit!
    Looking very much forward to more.

    1. Mypalsim! *waves* Haha, long time, no see, stranger. :)

      LOLL, it's funny? Maybe that's why? Haha, a crazy, fucked up marriage? XD Two people who look like they hare each other, but still somehow tolerating each other, in the same house? XD Whatever the reason, I am happy you enjoy it. :)

      Thank you very much for checking out the Reboot, darling! XD

  3. I highly doubt they'd ever like each other. No love. Just hate. It's like a crush and the girl always falls first. Like "I think they like me..." But in the end, it's the opposite. Can't wait for more!!!

    1. Yeah, it doesn't seem like they really like each other at all, does it? LOL. Haha, the girl falling first wasn't the case for these guys, but yes, that does happen a lot. XD

      Thank you for checking out the Reboot, parabee. :)

  4. There relationship seems like a tolerate-hate-lust type, instead of the classic love-hate. And Thomas does seem to live up to the chapter's title.
    It's a bit ironic that Sierra cares so much about her hourglass figure when soon she will be raising children, which isn't the ideal fitness plan. Great chapter! :)

    1. LOL, your definition is pretty accurate, haha, yeah, he's an asshole.
      Sierra is a snob, and she's always been privileged, so she's a bit snooty, always wanting to look perfect and buying expensive things, living in luxury. Honestly, Sierra doesn't think much past the current day, and in this chapter, she wasn't even thinking about children. She's not the typical baby challenge mom, who usually knows that they're about to have a lot of kids. She's just a woman who loves her appearance and expensive things.

  5. Wowza! I get the impression this will be an interesting baby challenge, 100 babies will make quite the dent in sierra's shiny life. Thomas is an ass, but Sierra kinda is to so they fit I guess, maybe they both would be less shitty people if they went their ways!

    1. :) Welcome to Zenteri Reboot, Rose! Thank you for checking this out.
      LOL, the little title up top says "Not your typical 100 baby challenge," ROFL, I am glad it's living up to that. XD
      Hahaha, we'll just have to see how Sierra deals with children, she's snobby and bitchy at times, but she doesn't hate children, so she might deal all right once babies come along... XD
      Yes, Thomas is an ass. You'll learn later on more of why they're together cause it surely isn't because of love. LOL.

  6. Well, this is off to an interesting start! Not exactly what I'd call marital bliss. LOL. They certainly seem to deserve each other, though.

    1. Hey Lily! Welcome. :)
      Definitely not marital bliss, LOL, but lots of fun instead, I'm having fun writing their little bickering arguments. XD
      They're both snobby WASPS who love their things more than anything else, they absolutely are a perfect fit. ROFL.

  7. Yay! As I've told you before, I'm so excited that you've rebooted the story!

    Sierra is going to be an interesting character. I can't wait to see how the story evolves from here and I think the way you've structured it with the name themes every 10 kids and having twins or triplets will help keep it interesting for you to write.

    Great start, LateKnight! Can't wait to read more!

    1. LOL! I thank you for your support for this story, and your excitement for it. :)

      I agree, Sierra is not the usual baby challenge mama, I used the recommended traits for Sicily, and I honestly think I got bored writing for her because she was too 'nice,' LOL. That made me think for Sierra, I should give her some more negative traits so maybe she'd be more exciting for me to write, LOL. I think the multiple kids will hep too, so I don't have to do 100 daddies like I was doing before, and I won't have to worry that I will run out of story line or have too many story lines open.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  8. Thomas and Sierra have an interesting marriage lol I wonder how they met.

    I loved how he was complaining about the gardener yet he can't even do the job himself. And he complained about the macaroni yet he still sat there and ate it lmao

    I have a friend named Sierra and she kind of has the same personality as your sim lol.

    "I snicker at his choice of seating location because it's one of the smallest rooms in our mansion and I equate the size of the room to the size of what's in his pants, or lack thereof, I should say." LMAO she said all the but she she still slept with him...I guess his fingers were sufficient :P Lol.

    1. LOL their marriage is definitely not your normal marriage. They were childhood friends, and high society, so their parents sort of set them up. More details will come about that later.

      Thomas complains just to complain, not because he actually hated the macaroni, he just wanted to make fun of Sierra. It is true however, that he cannot garden worth shit. LOL. His complaining is his way of making him feel better about himself.

      Really? LOL that's awesome, I guess Sierra's got a believable personality. Yay. <3

      LOL, Sierra was thinking that just to make fun of Thomas, he's actually normally endowed. XD The thing with this couple is they enjoy making fun of each other because their marriage is messed up, but they don't entirely hate each other. His fingers did do a world of good for Sierra however. ;)