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Sierra Wellington, BC Challenger

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Snob, Flirty

Sierra's House

Sierra and Thomas' mansion that I built

Thomas Wellington

Sierra's husband

First Name Theme Poll

I had a naming poll for this first set of 10 kids and mythological names won

24 July 2014

Hermes Adrian Wellington

Basic Info

Traits:: Unflirty, Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Mean-Spirited, Eco-Friendly
Favorites:: Soul Music, Hot Dogs, Lime Green
Lifetime Wish:: The Zoologist: Catch 20 Minor Pets in the Wild

Brief Description

Hermes was the last son in Sierra's first set of triplets. As a toddler, he was the weak one. Adonis picked on him relentlessly, and Hermes often spent most of his time crying in Sierra's arms, being comforted. During childhood, his brother stopped picking on him, and stood up for him when a bully at school picked on him. Ever since then, Hermes has gotten along with Adonis. Hermes developed a mean streak towards Perseus, however, making fun of him for being wierd. He was a bit of a hypocrite in this fact, since he himself was bullied, but Hermes seems to have picked up Thomas' attitude of thinking he's better than everyone. Hermes picks on Perseus because he doesn't want people to think of him as wierd based on his brother's actions, and Perseus embarrasses him. Hermes is often stressed out because he cares so much about what people think. Constantly being worried about things like how his hair or his clothes look is exhausting, but he'd rather have it that way than risk looking bad in public. Hermes was voted Most Likely to be Mediocre at graduation, and he was the Class Valedictorian. Hermes loves nature and he is very interested in saving the environment.

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Photos - Toddler to Teen

Photos - Hermes with his Brothers

12 July 2014

Perseus Isaiah Wellington

Basic Info

Traits:: Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Vegetarian, Cat Person, Clumsy
Favorites:: Latin Music, Vegetarian Lobster Thermador, Spice Brown
Lifetime Wish:: Emperor of Evil - Reach Level 10 in the Criminal Career
Father:: Thomas Wellington

Brief Description

Perseus was the second born son in Sierra's first set of triplets. Perseus is the only triplet to get a mix of his parents' genetics, with Thomas' blonde hair, and Sierra's eyes. He has a strong personality, and doesn't care what others think of him. As a toddler, he and his brother Adonis got along well with each other. When Perseus reached childhood, he loved pretending he was a king, and writing stories. People tried to bully him because they thought he was wierd, but he didn't really care, choosing to ignore them, which made them eventually leave him alone. As a teenager, Perseus was the only one of Sierra's boys to get a girlfriend, and the only one who attended prom. Perseus often avoided doing his homework until the last minute, preferring to set booby traps around the mansion. Perseus was voted Most Likely to Offend Others at his graduation ceremony. Perseus enjoys working out, and now spends a lot of his time at the gym, making sure he's in tip top physical condition.

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Photos - Perseus with his Brothers

09 July 2014

Adonis Jeremiah Wellington

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of short bios and photo shoots that I will be doing for each of Sierra's children. I thought I would do this because the children don't get a lot of face time in the story before they move out.

Basic Info

Traits:: Evil, Eccentric, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal, Frugal
Favorites:: Roots Music, Spaghetti, Blue
Lifetime Wish:: Master Magician - Reach Level 10 of Magician Career
Father:: Thomas Wellington

Brief Description

Adonis was the first son born to Sierra. He was part of a set of triplets, who are also boys. Adonis inherited Sierra's red hair with pink highlights, and her eyes. As a toddler, he was mean to his brother Hermes, who was a bit of a weak personality, but he grew out of it once he and his brothers started school, even going so far as to beat up a classmate who was picking on Hermes. Adonis has always gotten along with Perseus, who also has a strong personality. He is interested in logic, enjoys dabbling in chemistry experiments, playing chess, and performing sleight of hand. When he became a teenager, he dyed a strip of his hair black, pierced his lip, and got a set of tattoo sleeves on both arms, to the dismay of Thomas, who is very keen on keeping up appearances. Sierra has always been a rebel at heart, and although she is a snob who enjoys rich things and luxury, she's never been repulsed by tattoos or hair dye, so she was okay with Adonis' decision. She likes that he's figuring out who he is as a person, and that's all she wants for her children. Despite Adonis' rebellious appearance, he was the only one of Sierra's children who got a part-time job, working at the Day Spa in town. Upon graduation, Adonis was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World. Adonis turned his attention to sleight of hand, and illusions, trying his hand at becoming a magician. He still does chemistry and chess in his spare time as hobbies.

Photos - Young Adult

After the ceremony, Adonis performed some magic tricks outside City Hall for tips.

Photos - Toddler to Teen

Photos - Adonis with his Brothers

05 July 2014

Wellington 6: Interviews

Thanks to Mrs OogieBoogie for some special poses she made and put up for download that are from her story, The Insane Dubois Legacy.

Guest Starring: Kamden Rei by parabee27, Taylor Humphrey by winterbaby20, and Mason Agduo by TheJanesLegacy

Nudity, FYI

An extra picture of the boys as Teens

New Traits (all randomly rolled)
Adonis: Party Animal
Perseus: Cat Person
Hermes: Unflirty

I had placed an ad in the newspaper earlier this week for a landscaper/gardener, looking for someone who enjoyed being outside, and was skilled in both gardening with vegetables as well as planting flowers and trimming trees, the whole nine yards. I didn't want to put in the ad that I only wanted males to answer, even though that was my intention, so I had simply been declining any woman who called, lying and saying the position had already been filled. It was Wednesday, the day of the interviews. Three lovely men had called, Taylor Humphrey, Kamden Rei, and Mason Agduo. I had decided to do a group interview to save time. I was impatient, and had ulterior motives, since all I really wanted was to pick the candidate whom I found the most attractive.

The first to arrive was Kamden, who was wearing a polo shirt and glasses. He wasn't bad, with blonde hair and a somewhat cute complexion. He smiled at me as I gestured for him to sit in the living room. 

Second was Taylor, who was also blonde, and dressed much more formally than Kamden. I loved how his hair was wistfully combed, with a lot of flyaways. The suit he was wearing was sexy, and not too overly pompous, which I found a plus. He looked like he would be a lot of fun, even if I didn't hire him. 

When I saw Mason, however, I had a feeling I was going to be giving him the job. He was casually dressed, and he looked like he came from a life of working with his hands. He had dark hair that fell in front of his eyes on one side of his face, and a light smattering of stubble that I pictured myself touching gently.

I followed Mason into the interview area, placing the clipboard on my lap so I could take some notes while I asked the guys some questions.

"First off, thank you for coming and answering my ad. This property is very difficult to maintain, and I definitely need someone who is experienced and who enjoys doing this for a living. Can I get a list of any previous experience you have had in this field?"

I wrote down the answers the guys gave me. Taylor and Mason had both done professional landscaping and gardening, while Kamden was more of a newbie and he enjoyed doing it as a hobby. I wasn't sure that a hobby gardener would be fit for maintaining a mansion, unless I hired two of them, so I let Kamden go home, apologizing that I thought the task might be a little much for him to take on at this time. Kamden looked sad, but politely thanked me for the opportunity and left.

"What do you think is the thing that made you start in this career path?"

"I picked it because I enjoy the sunshine and being outside. Growing up, it would make me crazy when the backyard looked terrible. One day, I just decided to work on it and make it look nice. My neighbors noticed how good it looked, and offered to pay me to do some work in their yards. I started when I was a teenager, and I've been doing it ever since. Your mansion sounded like a really great place to work because there'd be plenty for me to work on."

Taylor flashed a brilliant smile at me, which I returned. He was definitely a charmer, and I enjoyed his spunky attitude as well as his dedication to his work. I turned to Mason, waiting for his response.

"My family has always been gardeners. I was raised on this line of work. My father started a company doing landscaping when he emigrated here from Italy, and I just recently took the business over after he passed away. I am carrying on my family tradition, but I also enjoy it a lot. I have met many nice people by working on their property."

Mason had an accent to die for, and it made sense since he was Italian. I definitely knew then I would be hiring him. I know it was superficial, but I was also going to keep Taylor's number handy because I liked him too. My heart went out to Mason, doing this for his family and keeping his father's tradition alive. It was honorable. I thanked both of them for coming, telling Mason I was going to give him the job. 

Taylor smiled at me again, and I melted a little bit. Before he left, he leaned in close to me.

"You have my number... I'll see you around, maybe?"

"Yes, definitely, thanks again for applying."

"The pleasure's all mine. I didn't know I was going to meet a knockout today. I'm glad I came."

I smiled, shutting the door and turning around to see a smug faced Thomas standing behind me with one hand on his hip. I propped myself up against the wall, resting my heel on the hard surface behind me.

"Who were those guys? Your latest male escort ring?"

"They were potential gardeners, you idiot."

"Can you blame me? You haven't really been keeping your legs shut lately."

"I could say the same for you and your blonde bimbo Maddy van Dumbass."

Thomas crossed his arm over his stomach, giving me an expressionless face. I had a feeling he was going to change the subject because he had that look in his eyes, the one that said he hated what I just said and he had no witty comebacks because he knew I was right.

"Where's your dumpster boy today?"

"Who are you talking about? If you're trying to insult Frankie, he has no association with dumpsters, so... what's your point?"

"I can't believe you'd let such a trashy guy touch you. You deserve better."

"Like who? You? Frankie at least treats me right, he compliments me, and appreciates my company, unlike you."


The doorbell rang, and I knew it was Frankie because we were going to dinner around five thirty, and it was now five. I walked over to one of the columns and stood next to it, giggling to myself as Thomas went to answer it, waiting to see his reaction when he saw who was on the other side of the door. When he saw that it was Frankie, he took a defensive stance, trying to be all masculine and tough. I knew then that he was jealous, and I loved it.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Trailer Trash Frankie, here to hit on my wife. What kind of a name is Frankie, anyway, shouldn't your name be Frank, or Francis?"

Frankie stood there smirking at Thomas, obviously not giving a fuck about the fact that he had just been insulted in more ways than one.

"You sure you want to insult me, Thomas? How do you know I'm not packing heat?  I am, after all, trailer trash from Jersey, right? I ain't afraid to break one of your perfectly manicured womanly hands."

I put my hands over my mouth and laughed from where I was standing, because I could see and hear everything that was going on. Thomas had no witty remarks to say to Frankie after that. Here was my chance to make Thomas jealous. I bounced over to Frankie with a huge smile on my face, and threw my arms around him, kissing him passionately, making sure Thomas knew that I wanted way more than kisses from Frankie.

"Ugh, Sierra. Don't catch syphilis."

With that lovely comment, Thomas walked away. Frankie and I laughed at him, then rode away on his motorcycle to the restaurant. We ate on the patio, taking advantage of the warm air and breeze that was blowing. Even though it was dinner time, the sun was still out today, and I was happy. It was rare that Minnesota got warm weather, so I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could while it was around.

We ordered food and drinks, both of us getting steak and some soda. We had planned to go to his hotel after dinner, drink some wine, and fool around, not necessarily in that order.

"So, Frankie? How's business going?"

"Ahh, you know, pretty good. We like our sandwiches up in Jersey. I was able to open up a new location, and hire some people for it. I didn't hire very many, just two, for now, to see if that location is profitable at all. I don't want to stretch myself too thin just because the one sandwich shop is successful."

Frankie had started working at a sandwich shop when he went back to Jersey after that summer we spent together, and he was so good at it, moving up in the ranks, until the owner decided to take him on as a business partner for possible expansion of the shop. I had always admired Frankie's determination to work from the ground up. It wasn't for everyone, but he did a good job doing it. In a way, I wish I had his strength, the strength to know that even if things weren't going the best, that everything would be okay. Sometimes I wondered if it was just me daydreaming about how life would be if I had ended up with Frankie instead of Thomas, and that was one of the things I knew would have happened. Frankie would have made sure we were okay, even if it was tough.

"Do your parents still travel a lot?"

"I don't know. A little here and there, I suppose. My dad still writes, so he does have book tours to promote stuff, but I think he's slowed down in the quantity of novels he puts out every year. How are your folks?"

"Still pretentious and judgmental. You know, the usual."

"Ahh, so no different than Thomas."

Frankie and I laughed, finishing off the rest of our dinner and drinks, and then getting the bill. We headed back to his room at the hotel and were barely in the door before we were making out heavily.

Frankie shut the door behind him, put one arm around my waist, pulling me close to him, while his other hand supported my neck, kissing me passionately. I couldn't get enough of him as our tongues wrestled together, doing a tango in each other's mouths. I ground my hips against Frankie's, showing him that I was ready for more.

Frankie unzipped my skirt, and as soon as I stepped out of it, Frankie threw his shirt on the floor, and picked me up, smiling at me. I put my arm around his neck, while my other hand rubbed his chest seductively. Frankie undid the straps on my shoes and they fell off my feet. He then carried me over to the bed, laid me down gently, and then yanked my panties off, crawling in between my legs after unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor. I licked my lips in anticipation of Frankie's warm lips on mine.

Frankie opened my shirt and sucked on my nipples, making me moan in pleasure. I raised my arms up above my head, allowing him to lift it off of me. I rolled over, pushing him onto the bed, straddling him. I moved up and down, while Frankie closed his eyes and sighed happily. He put his hands on my hips and guided me along the length of his shaft. I squealed with delight when Frankie withdrew himself from me and stood by the side of the bed.

"Come here, Sierra, let's go play. I have a balcony."

"Oh my god, are you serious?"

"Yeah, why not? It's late, no one's outside, probably."

I wrapped my legs around Frankie's waist, and let him carry me over to the sliding door, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. I'd never had sex outside before, and I was getting an adrenaline rush, which turned me on more. I felt Frankie against me, still excited. He opened the door and set me down on the balcony. We started kissing again and I backed up until I felt the wall behind me, closing my eyes, and enjoying the tickle of Frankie's stubble on my neck. Frankie gently put my hands up above my head, holding them up against the wall, while his fingers danced in between my legs, pleasuring me to a very large extent.

Frankie took his fingers out of me and hoisted me up again, carrying me over to the railing. He set me down on it, and I grabbed onto him.

"I'm afraid of falling, Frankie."

"Don't worry, I won't ever let any harm come to you."

With that romantic statement, I wrapped my right arm around Frankie and hugged him, pressing my lips on his. He grabbed my thigh and held on to me, keeping me near him, bracing his hand on the railing. Frankie entered me gently and didn't thrust too hard so the railing wouldn't become unstable. He pulled in and out slowly, all while kissing me tenderly.

When we were both close to the brink, we went back inside, and Frankie threw me down playfully onto the bed, towering over me in all his nakedness. Frankie took both of my legs, set them on his shoulders, and held my hips as he entered me, thrusting until he brought us both to a very satisfying climax.