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09 February 2014

I Don't Know Anymore...

I've been doing some thinking about this story, and I just don't know anymore. I used to be filled to the brim with ideas for this thing, even updating multiple times a day. Now I find that I don't come back to this until about every five weeks. The five week mark has hit, and I don't really want to update this story. I feel like I've perhaps lost passion for it, and after writing The Compound, where I really started stretching my writing abilities, I started to feel like this one isn't written as well. In a way, I feel like this story is inferior to my other stories. The Compound must have been a turning point for me or something because I know I changed my writing for the better, and I take pride in both of my new stories, Echoes of Eternity, and Blink of an Eye.

I know I lost my way to the initial vision I had for this story, which was an epic love story. I still want this to be an epic love story, but I have no idea how to get it there. I also know I have too many story arcs going because I haven't been able to tie them together well, if at all. I got Maximus out of it, which I will always be grateful for. For now, I am going to close Zenteri, meaning I will not be updating it regularly, but I will not delete it.

If I figure out a way to reboot Zenteri, I will, otherwise perhaps later on I will try to come up with another epic love story. In the meantime, you will be able to find me at my two other stories. Both links below will take you to the beginning of each story.

Blink of an Eye
What would you do if suddenly, in the blink of an eye, your entire world was turned upside down? Would you fight back, would you run, would you cry, or would you hide? This story starts out just like that, when the lives of four strangers are changed forever.

Echoes of Eternity
Some of you have read this since I already announced it on this blog. Maximus, Sicily's twenty-third child, starts life on his own in Silicon Shores. Follow his life and the life of his offspring as they try to make it on their own. Each generation is inspired by a movie quote I find desirable and fitting for the story.

Thanks for listening to this announcement, and for being loyal readers of the Zenteri Baby Challenge.