11 February 2015

Sierra's Mansion Construction #1

Hi everyone. I am planning on updating this story with a chapter, since I have updated my other two successfully in the past few days. However, I looked back on my notes, and there's a few in-game things I need to do first before I can get the next chapter published. Since this baby challenge moves rather quickly, and I'm trying to keep the kids moving on so that I can keep the story moving forward, I have to do a whole bunch of toddler skill stuff. I never put that in the story cause I feel like it's unnecessary. LOL. I also have to skill up Mason, Sierra's resident gardener, so that he can plant pretty things. In short, this story requires quite a bit more gameplay than my other stories.

Anyway I am rambling. I also got this urge to rebuild/remodel Sierra's mansion. She's going to be living in it while she has the first ten kids, so she has a few more chapters to go where the mansion is home base. LOL. I thought it might be fun to share some building pictures of her mansion as I rebuild it, just because I've been away from this story for a while.


Not bad, but I think I can do better. I tend to have a thing I do where I always make the house parallel to the street. I think that's fairly normal, as most houses do that, but I think I kick myself in the ass because of it too because there's just no room for fun angles and little nooks where landscaping might be placed.


I found this picture on Houzz.com, which I think looks fabulous, and I think it will be the inspiration for the rebuild. I'm not going to mimic it 100% or anything like that, but the landscaping and the archways in front of the house are kind of what I was going for in the original design of the mansion, but I didn't quite pull off. LOL.


I started with the landscaping around the front of the lot, and this is the start of the front entryway area. There's still parts of the old house behind it that I was just gradually deleting as I needed to expand the new house. I did leave the piano in the front yard for a little bit while I built the interior of the new house, LOL.

This is a full build of the outside of the house. There are some roofing issues I need to correct. I don't know why, but there were some walls that instantly extended themselves taller than the rest of the walls, causing them to unnaturally stick out of the roofs. I have never had that happen before. It was so wierd. Other than that, the shell of the house is now up and running.

More to come later! My hand hurts today LOL, from probably deleting 329857487 pieces of house, so I'm going to take a break from this and makeover some townies or something. XD I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes thing.


  1. I always loose patience with my builds lately... fingers crossed that you will finish this remodel business before your hand falls off ;o)

    1. Hi anna! Aww, haha, building can be difficult and frustrating sometimes. I did end up taking a break from building yesterday and my hand feels much better, thanks LOL.

    2. Omg yes...My hand cramps when I'm busy building a SMALL set lol...I can only imagine how your hands felt after building this, you did a really nice job though.

    3. @littlesims2chick:
      LOL, thank you. Who knew deleting pieces of a pixelated house could be so painful.... XD

  2. It looks great so far; my builds always turn out awful, so I especially enjoy seeing what others can do in game. :)

    1. Thanks so much! Haha, I've been practicing a lot, and it's been paying off. I used to not be so... eh.. proficient at building. :D