27 October 2014

#2 - Frankie Woodard

Basic Info

Traits:: Flirty, Daredevil, Party Animal, Childish, Friendly
Favorites:: R&B Music, Vegetarian Lobster Thermador, Red
Lifetime Wish:: Star News Anchor - Reach Level 10 of Journalism Career
Children:: Indira Renee Woodard (F), Poseidon Josiah Woodard (M)
Created By:: Frankie is a townie in Sunset Valley. It turns out he was the mascot. A bunch of people came over to Sierra's house when I moved her in, and I made over all the guys in the group, including Frankie.

Brief Description

Frankie Woodard is Sierra's friend from New Jersey. She met him when they were both teenagers, and he was visiting Minnesota. Sierra had a wild summer with him, and then he went home. Sierra wonders if things would have been different between her and Frankie if she hadn't been promised to Thomas. Frankie is co-owner of a sandwich shop back home.

Random Photos and Outtakes

I had never seen the gnome mascot costume before so I made Frankie change into it for fun. I like him better in his regular clothes.

On high free will, Frankie enjoyed scaring Thomas. True to the story line, these two disliked each other... which I originally thought of, and then the Sims followed suit.

Frankie is childish, so he could often be found in the nursery playing with the dollhouse, or another random toy he found in the toy chest.

Any time Frankie went into the hot tub or the pool, he always chose to skinny dip. I don't know how many times I'd switch over to see what he was doing and found him naked. *faints*


  1. Haha- the gnome costume's gold; I've never seen it before.
    And the last picture! *swoons* You're so good at creating handsome male Sims; I'm horrid.

    1. LOL! Ikr? I was like what is this... and then that's what he changed into. XD Silly gnomes... LOL.
      Mmmmm I miss his skinny dipping ways already. Haha, thanks so much. I love male Sims, I always try to make them as hot as I can so I can drool over them when I play LOL!