12 February 2015

Sierra's Mansion Construction #2

Back to construction. First things first, I fixed the walls that were oddly sticking up through the roof on the second floor. Today it's just going to be a lot of interior stuff, decorating, putting lights up, that sort of thing.

Second Floor in Progress #1

Sierra now has a laundry room. I don't know if the chemistry set makes real life sense in the laundry room, but it's a utility room and it's Sims, so I don't really care. LOL. Also just thought it wierd the laundry room was wierd on the second floor, but  I blame the floor plan that came with this house. It said "Mech Room," which I have no idea what that even means.. somehow it translated to "mechanical" which then made me think of utility room.

This is the entrance to Sierra's bedroom, she has a walk in closet, and yeah she has a roof, it's fine.

I put four mirrors in Sierra's bedroom, one in the main part, two in the hallway part, and one in the closet. I have to give my snobby little redhead what she wants, and that's what she likes, to ogle herself as she enters a room. She also has a small balcony overlooking her front yard, and we all know how much Sierra enjoys sex on balconies. Sierra also has a private bathroom attached to her bedroom, but it's a bathroom, do you really need pictures of it? It's kind of small too, so it's nothing to write home about.

I made a room just for the piano. I suppose I thought of it as a way for Thomas to leave Sierra the fuck alone. LOL. Kidding...

This is a living room area where Sierra can hang out and watch her kids at the same time, so I put the toy chest out here too. I wanted to avoid confining the kid stuff into one area like I did with the other house.

The kids' room, complete with stain proof carpeting... hehehe.

Last but not least, the final room (other than bathroom #2) of the second floor, the guest room, which Thomas has currently been occupying. Apologies for the wierd distortion happening.

Just for fun, an overhead shot of the second floor layout.

That's it for this post. More to come later.


  1. Nice; I like the living room and the commentary on each room, haha :)

    1. Oh thank you. :) This floor plan was super wierd to try to configure, but it finally worked out.. thankfully. LOL. Hehe, I'm not so good with commentaries, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)